• 132 Best of the Best, Cael Happel of Lisbon

    1.) Cael Happel- Lisbon (JR) 2.) Eric Faught- Clear Lake (SR) 3.) Jack Gaukel- Sergeant Bluff-Luton (SO) 4.) Joe Pins- Dubuque Hempstead (SR) 5.) Ben Monroe- Ankeny Centennial (SR) 6.) Logan James- Underwood (JR) * I mentioned Caleb Rathjen being so ahead of his opponents that it’s difficult for me to make sense of. Well, [Read More]

  • 145 Best of the Best, Joey Busse, Humboldt

    1.) Joey Busse- Humboldt- SR 2.) Wade Mitchell- Woodbury Central- JR 3.) Blake Thomsen- Underwood- JR 4.) Collin Lewis- North Scott- SR 5.) Will Esmoil- West Liberty- JR 6.) Chase Luensman- Monticello- SR * Joey Busse finished a HS wrestling career in which he qualified for state as a FR and SO, placed 6th as [Read More]

  • Powerhouse Morning

    What are your morning habits getting out of bed?   This is a question I have been asking myself for many years.  I went to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, which was a four day seminar.   He studies the highest of high achievers whether they are athletes, Hollywood stars, political figures, or high level business people.   [Read More]

  • How Youth Sports Can Lead to a Better Job in Later

    As parents, we all like to think we’re steering our children toward activities and opportunities that will help them lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives. We encourage them to work hard, have integrity, take risks, show gratitude, be respectful, etc. But at some point, deep down, every parent realizes there are no guarantees. There’s no [Read More]

  • 126 Best of the Best, Caleb Rathjen of Ankeny

    1.) Caleb Rathjen-Ankeny (SO) 2.) Robert Avila Jr- Lisbon (FR) 3.) Nick Oldham- WDM Valley (SR) 4.) Hayden Taylor- Solon (FR) 5.) Matthew Jordan- DM East (SR) 6.) Andrew Flora- ADM-Adel (SR) * This weight was littered with things all year that I had a difficult time making sense out of. To start, when I [Read More]

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