• How Youth Sports Develop Ethical Men and Women

    Among a parent’s biggest goals is to raise healthy, ethical, and honorable adults. We want our children to like and respect themselves, respect others, and enhance the lives of people around them. One of the most prominent conversations over the past year has revolved around the pervasiveness of poor – and sometimes criminal – behavior [Read More]

  • The ‘Unknown Damage?’ caused from the touchline

    Every weekend all over the world millions of parents, children and coaches set off for their weekly sporting ritual ‘Match Day’. Many will follow the same process each week and will never question their routine or behaviour. Many of these parents and coaches are well intentioned, trying to support their child and their team through [Read More]

  • 138 Best of the Best, Jack Thomsen, Union, La Porte City

    Jack Thomsen- Union- JR Cobe Siebrecht- Lisbon- SR Eli Loyd- Pleasant Valley- JR Kaleb Olejniczak- Perry- SR Colby Schriever- Mason City- JR Nick Hamilton- Underwood- FR * Jack Thomsen had a flawless season this year in which he went 47-0 and defeated guys like Colby Schriever, Deven Strief, Chase McClaren, Kaleb Olejniczak, etc. Look for [Read More]


    Adolescent depression, suicide, and anxiety are increasing at alarming rates. Recent studies indicate that as many as one in five teens suffers from clinical depression. As parents, we all want to see our kids succeed in school, in sports, and in life. But sometimes well-intentioned parents on top of the intensity of comparing themselves to [Read More]

  • Gadson returns home on Cyclone Tailgate Tour

    WATERLOO – Kyven Gadson loves coming home. Especially when he walks into a building filled with Cyclone fans. Gadson, who won an NCAA wrestling title for Iowa State, was among the featured attractions during the Cyclone Tailgate Tour stop at the National Cattle Congress grounds Wednesday night. Gadson, 26, is coming off a victory at [Read More]

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