• Interview with Hector Gomez on Agony in Ames

    An interview with Hector Gomez on the Agony in Ames coming on October 20, 2018 at the Leid Center on the Iowa State Campus.

  • Midwest Mat of Dreams Girls HS Duals Results

    Pool A HS Results 1st Place – Texas Green 2nd Place – Colorado 3rd Place – Oklahoma 4th Place – North Dakota 5th Place – Iowa WEST Round 1 Colorado defeated Oklahoma 33-24. North Dakota defeated Iowa WEST 30-16. Round 2 Texas Green defeated Iowa WEST 54-6. Oklahoma defeated North Dakota 30-24. Round 3 Texas [Read More]

  • Midwest Mat of Dreams Girls Youth Duals Results

    Youth Pool A Results 1st Place – Badger Girls Wrestling Team 2nd Place – Texas 3rd Place – MN Storm Blue 4th Place – IowaWest Youth Pool B Results 1st Place – Oklahoma 2nd Place – Colorado Blue 3rd Place – Illinois Youth Pool C Results 1st Place – Colorado Red 2nd Place – MN [Read More]

  • Results for Mat of Dreams Girls Conflict for Charity

    PeeWee – 1 1st Place – Maeve Peach of Tiger Wrestling Club 2nd Place – Liliyah Haro of nWo Wrestling Club 9U – 1 1st Place – Myley Hoffman of Nebraska Wrestling Academy 2nd Place – Pearl Jewett of Apple Valley Wrestling Club 3rd Place – Jaelyn Anderson of Nebraska Wrestling Academy 4th Place – [Read More]

  • Female Elite Wrestling Donation to U of I dance and Stead Family Hospital

    Female Elite Wrestling with the donation to University of Iowa Dance marathon & University of Iowa Stead Family Childrens Hospital . This was done at the Midwest Mat of Dreams, Conflict for Charity Tournament in Independence.

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