Session 1 Notes from St Louis



Session 1 Notes:  Highlights from the Opening Round

University of Iowa Matches:

141 Pigtail - Topher Carton vs Joshua Heil (Campbell)

No scoring in the 1st period and Carton rides Heil out in the 2nd.  Carton escapes immediately to begin the 3rd period.  Carton snags a go behind takedown and claims over 3 minutes of ride time to win 4-0.

125 – #1 Thomas Gilman vs. Brent Fleetwood (Central Michigan)

Gilman with 4 takedowns in the first period to open an 8-3 lead.  Cruises to a 19-6 victory.

133 - #4 Cory Clark vs. Connor Schram (Stanford)

Clark in deep for at least a minute, but cannot finish.  0-0 after 1.  Clark up 1-0 after an early 2nd period escape. Clark slicks behind Schram to open up a 3-0 lead.  Clark rides Schram out to win 4-0.

141 – Topher Carton vs. #6 George DiCamillo (Virginia)

DiCamillo with a pair of takedowns to open up a 4-1 lead after 1.  7-1 DiCamillo after 2.  Carton with a 3rd period takedown, but drops the match 13-4.

149 - #5 Brandon Sorensen vs. Matthew Zovistoski (App State)

Sorensen up huge in the 1st period when he grabs the fall in 2:10.

157 - #2 Michael Kemerer vs. Jake Danishek (Indiana)

Kemerer up 6-3 after the 2nd period courtesy of 3 takedowns.  Kemerer breaks it open with a 6 point move early in the 3rd.  13-4 the final.

165 – Joseph Gunther vs. #13 Brandon Womack (Cornell)

Gunther in a huge hole to begin the 2nd trailing 8-0.  Womack wins 12-3

174 - #11 Alex Meyer vs. Austin Dewey (Boise State)

Meyer escapes to begin the 2nd period and leads 1-0. Meyer adds a takedown t o extend his lead to 3 after the 2nd.  Meyer gets a 2nd takedown in the 3rd and wins 6-1 with RT.

184 - #3 Sammy Brooks vs. Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers)

Brooks with the physical 7-3 victory over Gravina.

197 – Cash Wilcke vs. #13 Tom Sleigh (Bucknell)

Wilcke with a 2nd period reversal  to open the scoring in the bout.  Sleigh gets an escape in the 2nd and an escape in the 3rd to tie the match at 2.  No further scoring in the 3rd and the match heads to sudden victory.  Wilcke in on a reshot and finishes to knock off the 13 seed.

Iowa State Matches

133 - #13 Earl Hall vs. Pat D’Arcy (Princeton)

D’Arcy with the opening takedown .  Hall takes injury time after the takedown and gives up the escape after D’Arcy chooses bottom.  D’Arcy gets another escape and takedown in the 2nd.  D’Arcy wins 8-1

174 - #14 Lelund Weatherspoon vs. Peter Galli (Stanford)

Weatherspoon breaks a 1-1 tie grabbing a takedown with 20 seconds to go in the match. 3-1 the final.

197 – Marcus Harrington vs. #6 Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)

No score after 2 periods.  Weigel with a tilt to open up a 2 point lead.  Another tilt by Weigel makes it 6-0.    7-0 the final after riding time.

University of Northern Iowa Matches

125 – Dylan Peters vs. #4 Darian Cruz (Lehigh)

Cruz with the fall in :52 seconds after  an opening takedown.

133 - #12 Josh Alber vs. Austin Eicher (Michigan State)

Fall in 2:22 for Alber.  Hit what looked like a mixer and adjusted to the headlock for the fall.

149 - #7 Max Thomsen vs. Matthew Climato (Drexell)

Thomsen with 2 nearfall as the 2nd ends. Climato gets an escape point with 1 second to go in the period.  Thomsen wins 2-1 after getting ridden out in the 3rd.

165 – #11 Bryce Steiert vs. Andrew Mendel (Army)

Steiert with a couple takedowns in the 1st but gives up the early lead and heads to the 3rd tied at 5.  Steiert gets an escape in the 3rd and survives a late takedown attempt and wins 6-5.

174 - #13 Taylor Lujan vs. Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin)

Lujan grabs a first period takedown and gets the ride out.  Lujan with a late 2nd period reversal to extend his lead to 4.  Lujan tacks on a 3rd period takedown and wins 6-1.

184 - #12 Drew Foster vs. Bobby Steveson (Minnesota)

Foster with the early takedown and ride out of Steveson.  Foster up 5-0 late in the 3rd period grabs a late takedown to earn an 8-0 major decision.

197 – Jacob Holschlag vs. #8 Ryan Wolfe (Rider)

Holschlag gives up 4 takedowns and drops a 9-4 decision to Wolfe.

Native Iowan Matches

141 - #9 Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) vs. Noah Forrider (Ohio)

McCrystal with the opening takedown in the match.  Grabs a 2nd takedown to lead 4-1 after 1.  5-1 after the 2nd.  McCrystal rides Forrider out in the 3rd wins 7-1 after 4 minutes of RT and a penalty point.

141 – Jack Hathaway (Oregon State) vs. #7 Joey Ward (North Carolina)

Hathaway down 2-0 after 1.  Ward takes bottom and gets turned by Hathaway quickly… Hathaway with the fall in 3:32.

285 – Ross Larson (Oklahoma) vs. #15 Ryan Solomon (Pitts burgh)

No score after the first period, but Larson called for stalling. Solomon with an escape and a takedown to open up a 3-0 lead after 2. Larson drops the 4-1 decision.

Top 15 Teams after the 1st session

1. Penn State 16.0
2. Oklahoma State 15.0
3. Ohio State 14.0
4. Iowa 12.0
4. Lehigh 12.0
4. Missouri 12.0
7. Minnesota 11.0
8. Cornell 10.5
9. Virginia Tech 10.0
10. Nebraska 9.5
11. Illinois 9.0
12. Central Michigan 8.0
12. Edinboro 8.0
12. Northern Iowa 8.0
15. Arizona State 7.0
15. NC State 7.0