Session 2 Notes from St Louis

Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) won by decision over Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-2)

Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) won by decision over Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-2)

Notes from Session 2:

University of Iowa Matches:

125 – #1 Thomas Gilman vs. #16 Nathan Kraisser (Campbell)

Gilman with 4 takedowns in the 1st period to take an 8-3 lead.  Gilman up 14-5 after 2 periods.  Kraisser goes upper body, but Gilman able to fend it off and grab a takedown.  Gilman wins 22-8

133 - #4 Cory Clark vs. Pat D’Arcy (Princeton)

Clark with a takedown 8 seconds into the period and rides D’Arcy out.  Clark with an escape, a takedown, and a ride out in the 2nd period.   Clark gives up a couple takedowns, but wins 10-5.

149 - #5 Brandon Sorensen vs. Andrew Crone (Wisconsin)

Sorensen takes a 5-1 lead into the 3rd period.  Sorensen with the workmanlike 6-2 victory.

157 - #2 Michael Kemerer vs. Chase Delande (Edinboro)

Kemerer with a pair of takedowns and a stalling point to lead 5-1 after 1.  Kemerer takes an 8-2 lead into the 3rd period.  Kemerer with 22-6 tech fall win.

174 - #11 Alex Meyer vs.  #6 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh)

Meyer gets the late takedown to defeat Preisch 7-5.  Meyer trailed early in the match and battled back to get the victory.

184 - #3 Sammy Brooks vs. #14 Dakota Geer (Edinboro)

Brooks has the lead and has Geer on his back…settles in for the fall at 3:43.

197 – Cash Wilcke vs.   #4 Jared Haught (Virginia Tech)

Haught with the 1st period takedown and 2nd period escape to take a 3-0 lead.  Wilcke gets a 3rd period escape and shoots in on a low single…no points. Haught wins 4-1.

141 Consi – Topher Carton vs. Cole Martin (Wisconsin)

Martin with the 1st takedown, but Carton answers with his own takedown and gets the ride out to lead 3-2.  Carton begins the 2nd with a reversal – Martin with the quick escape to make it 5-3 Carton.  Carton with a takedown, Martin escapes. Carton pancakes Martin for 6 nearly grabbing a fall.  Carton up 15-4 after grabbing another takedown.  Carton wins 16-4

165 Consi – Joey Gunther vs. Lorenzo De La Riva (Cal St Bakersfield)

No scoring in the 1st period.  Gunther chooses neutral in the 2nd – no scoring in the 2nd.   De La Riva escapes 21 seconds into the 3rd to lead 1-0.  Gunther gets a takedown with under 45 seconds to go.  Gunther gets the ride out to win 3-1 with RT.

Iowa State Matches

174 - #14 Lelund Weatherspoon vs. #3 Bo Jordan (Ohio State)

Jordan controls the match from the start and wins 10-4.

133 consi -  #13 Earl Hall vs. Connor Schram (Stanford)

Schram with the 1st takedown in a match featuring returning All Americans.  Hall explodes and is able to finish a takedown on the edge.  Schram escapes to make 3-3 after 1. Schram with the 2nd period escacpe to take the lead at 4-3. Hall knots the match at 4 with an early escape in the 3rd.  Schram gets the go ahead takedown with 48 seconds to go in the match and holds on to the 6-5 win.


197 consi – Marcus Harrington vs. Benjamin Honis (Cornell)

Harrington grabs the early takedown…quick escape for Honis.  Honis ties the match at 2 with an escape to begin the 2nd period.  Honis with the takedown to open up a 4-2 lead.  Harrington chooses neutral in the 3rd.   Honis scores off Harrington’s shot to widen the gap.  Honis pulls away and wins 11-2.

University of Northern Iowa Matches

133 - #12 Josh Alber vs. #5 Stevan Micic (Michigan)

Micic takes a 3-1 lead in the 3rd period with a takedown.  Micic goes on to win 5-2.

149 - #7 Max Thomsen vs.  #10 Laike Gardner (Lehigh)

Thomsen leads after the 1st period 2-1. Gardner gets an escape and a takedown to take a 4-2 lead in the 2nd.  Thomsen escape right away and maintains a RT advantage.  Thomsen chooses bottom and gets out with 30 seconds to go to tie the match.  Thomsen gets a takedown with 4 seconds on the clock to win 6-4.

165 – #11 Bryce Steiert vs. #6 Daniel Lewis (Missouri)

Lewis with the 2-0 lead after the 1st period.  An escape in the 3rd for Lewis and he grabs a takedown shortly after to lead 5-0. RT makes it a 6-0 final.

174 - #13 Taylor Lujan vs. #4 Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech)

Lujan finds himself down 4-2 late in the match and cannot close the gap.  5-2 Epperly

184 - #12 Drew Foster vs. Zachary Zavatsky (Virginia Tech)

No score after 1.  Zavatsky with a reversal to open the scoring in the match.  Foster out after the reversal and chooses bottom to start the 3rd.  Foster out to tie the match and riding time is not a factor. Foster on a reshot takes the lead 4-2.  Escape Zavatsky.  4-3 Foster the winner.

125 pigtail consi – Dylan Peters vs. Barlow McGhee (Missouri)

Very little action as the 1st period comes to a close.  McGhee escapes to begin the 2nd and hits a double leg to take a 3-1 lead after a Peters escape.  Peters tries his cow catcher and settles for a takedown as the 2nd period expires.  Peters escapes to take a 4-3 lead.  Peters with the 4-3 win.

125 consi – Dylan Peters vs. Sean Nickel (Cal St Bakersfield)

Nickel wins an early scramble to take the lead.  Peters gives up 4nf to trail 6-0.  Peters with an escape and takedown to make it 6-3.  Peters chooses bottom to begin the 2nd period and gets  the reversal making it 6-5.  Nickel adds an escape to make it 7-5. Nickel chooses neutral… Stalling point for Peters makes it 7-6.  Peters gets the takedown with 10 seconds to go.  8-7 the final

197 consi – Jacob Holschlag vs. #9 Nate Rotert (South Dakota St)

No score after the 1st.  Holschlag on top to begin the 2nd period. Holschlag gets called for stalling for a 2nd and 3rd  time to trail 2-0.  Escape Rotert to make it 3-0.  Rotert adds an escape in the 3rd period to make the final 4-1 after Holschlag is awarded a ride time point.


Native Iowan Matches

141 - #9 Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) vs. #8 Jaydin Eierman (Missouri)

McCrystal gets out in the 3rd period, but trails 4-3 as the action heads to the last minute.  Eierman with a takedown, McCrystal with an escape, McCrystal ties the match at 6 with a takedown.  Eierman with the escape and takedown to win 9-6.

141 – Jack Hathaway (Oregon State) vs.  #10 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming)

Meredith with a 1st period takedown and ride out.  Meredith a reversal to begin period 2.  A stalling point makes it 5-0 after 2.  8-0 Meredith with RT.

285 consi – Ross Larson (Oklahoma) vs. Ray O’Donnell (Princeton)

Larson makes quick work of O’Donnell with a 40 second fall.


1. Penn State 30.5
2. Ohio State 26.0
3. Oklahoma State 25.5
4. Iowa 24.5
5. Missouri 20.0
6. Cornell 19.0
7. Minnesota 18.5
8. Virginia Tech 18.0
9. Central Michigan 14.5
10. Lehigh 14.0
10. Nebraska 14.0
12. Arizona State 13.5
12. Illinois 13.5
12. Wisconsin 13.5
15. Edinboro 11.5