Session 3 Notes from St Louis: The Quarterfinals

Thomas Gilman (Iowa)  won by fall over Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma State) (Fall 6:04)

Thomas Gilman (Iowa) won by fall over Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma State) (Fall 6:04)

Session 3 Notes:  The Quarterfinal Round

University of Iowa

125 Quarterfinals - #1 Thomas Gilman vs. #8 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma St)

Gilman elevates the leg and finishes to take the early 2-0 lead.  Gilman starts on bottom and gives up 2 nearfall as the 2nd begins.  Gilman escape to retake the lead.  Gilman catches Piccininni on his back for a huge 4 point move near the end of the period.  Piccininni escapes to make 7-3 at the end of 2.  Gilman with the fall at 6:04

133 Quarterfinals - #4 Cory Clark vs. #5 Stevan Micic (Michigan)

Micic in and finishes on Clark 24 seconds into the match.  Reversal Clark.  Clark with ride out and gains 1:56 of ride time.  Escape Clark. Clark slicks behind Micic off Micic’s shot to take a 5-2 lead.  Escape Micic to make 5-3 after 2.  Micic escapes to make 5-4 with a minute to go. Clark wins 6-4.

149 Quarterfinals - #5 Brandon Sorensen vs. #4 Micah Jordan (Ohio State)

Sorensen grabs a 2nd period takedown to open the scoring in the match.  Rides Jordan out and will take bottom to begin the 3rd.  Sorensen out early in the 3rd to make it 3-0.  Sorensen on to the semis with the 3-0 win.

157 Quarterfinals - #2 Michael Kemerer vs. #7 Dylan Palacio (Cornell)

Wild early scramble nets no points. Stall warning on Palacio as the 1st winds down.  Palacio with a Peterson roll from the bottom position and it’s tight… gets the fall.  3:28 the time of the fall.

174 Quarterfinals - #11 Alex Meyer vs. #3 Bo Jordan (Ohio State)

No score after the 1st period.  Revesal Meyer after choosing bottom to begin the 2nd.  Meyer rides him out and has 1:09 of RT built up.  Jordan goes down to begin the 3rd.  Reversal Jordan to tie the match.  Meyer escapes to retake the lead.  Jordan gets a takedown with less than 30 to go and erases ride time.  Meyer needs to escape to tie the match, but cannot.  4-3 Jordan

184 Quarterfinals - #3 Sammy Brooks vs. Emery Parker (Illinois)

No score after 1. Brooks chooses bottom. Brooks out early and draws a stall call on Parker.  Parker explodes and grabs a takedown and nearly puts Brooks on his back.  Parker rides Brooks out and chooses bottom in the 3rd.  Brooks has erased riding time, but still trails… Brooks and Parker lock up tight upper body… Brooks rolls through and grabs the fall! 6:01 time of the fall


141 Round of 24:  Topher Carton vs. #12 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)

Pletcher with the opening takedown, but Carton escapes and grabs a takedown of his own to take a 3-2 lead after 1.  Carton up 4-2 after the escape.  Pletcher ties the match with a pair of takedowns as they head to the 3rd.  Pletcher up 7-6 after  the escape.  Pletcher wins 9-6.

165 Round of 24:  Joey Gunther vs. #14 Branson Ashworth (Wyoming)

Gunther grabs a 6-3 win for the Hawks.

197 Round of 24:  Cash Wilcke vs. Josh Marchok (Stanford)

No score after the 1st.  Wilcke out in 7 seconds to begin the 2nd.  Wilcke slicks behind and grabs a takedown with under 15 to go.  3-0 after 2.  Escape Marchok.  Wilcke works his way and grabs a 2nd takedown.  Escape Marchok. Wilcke wins 6-2 with ride time.


165 Round of 16: Joey Gunther vs. #11 Bryce Steiert (UNI)

Steiert with the early score and leg turk for 4NF. Steiert wins 8-3

197 Round of 16:  Cash Wilcke vs. #12 Frank Mattiace (Penn)

No score after the 1st.  Mattiace out from bottom to take a 1-0 lead.  Wilcke ties the match early in the 3rd at 1.  The match heads to the tie breakers after little action in sudden victory.  Wilcke escapes to make it 2-1.  Wilcke gives up a reversal , but gets an escape in a restart with just 2 seconds remaining to tie the match at 3.  A 3rd false start by Mattiace gives Wilcke the 4-3 win in SV2.

University of Northern Iowa

149 Quarterfinals - #7 Max Thomsen vs. #15 Kenny Theobold (Rutgers)

Thomsen riding tough in the 2nd and grabs 2 nearfall to take a 2-0 lead. Thomsen rides him out in the 2nd.  Thomsen with a 3rd period takedown and grabs riding time to win 5-1.

184 Quarterfinals - #12 Drew Foster vs. #4 Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State)

Boyd with a takedown and 4 huge nearfall to make it 6-0 early.   Foster fights back, but comes up short dropping a 11-7 decision.

125 Round of 24 – Dylan Peters vs. Kyle Akins (Buffalo)

Akins out to the 6-1 early lead and holds off Peters in the end.  The final 9-6.

133 Round of 24 - #12 Josh Alber vs. Corey Keener (Central Michigan)

Keener with the opening score, but Alber gets the reversal and 2 NF to take a 4-2 lead after 1.  Alber out to make it 5-2 in the 2nd.  Keener goes neutral as the 3rd begins.  Alber wins 5-2.

165 Round of 24 - #11 Bryce Steiert vs. Cole Walter (Lehigh)

Steiert in the bottom position to begin the 3rd period leading 2-1.  Steiert around for a big reversal to open build his lead to 3.  Steiert with the 8-4 victory

174 Round of 24 - #13 Taylor Lujan vs. Josef Johnson (Harvard)

Lujan advances  with a 7-2 win over Johnson.

133 Round of 16 – #12 Josh Alber vs. Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers)

No scoring in the 1st.  Alber gets a 2nd period takedown and a 3rd period escape to open up a 3-2 lead.  Delvecchio with the takedown late in the match and rides Alber out to win 4-3.

165 Round of 16 - #11 Bryce Steiert vs. Joey Gunther (Iowa)

Steiert scores 6 points in the 1st period and cruises to the 8-3 win.

174 Round of 16 - #13 Taylor Lujan vs. Jadaen Bernstein (Navy)

Bernstein leads 7-3 as the action heads to the 3rd period.  Bernstein adds 3 more takedowns in the 3rd period to win by major 14-6.

Iowa State University

174 Round of 24 - #14 Lelund Weatherspoon vs. Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin)

No scoring in the 1st period.  Christensen rides Weatherspoon out in the 2nd and chooses bottom in the 3rd.  Weatherspoon had the ride time erased, but gives up a reversal soon after to go down 2-0.  Christensen wins 3-0

Native Iowans

141 Round of 24 – Jack Hathaway vs. Noah Forrider (Ohio)

Hathaway grabs his 2nd fall of the tournament to advance.

141 Round of 24 – Colton McCrystal vs. Mike Longo (Oklahoma)

Colton McCrystal with the 12-4 major decision victory.  The match was close early, but McCrystal dominated late.

285 Round of 24 – Ross Larson vs. #16 Garrett Ryan (Columbia)

Ryan strikes first, but Larson strikes back as the wrestlers go to the 2nd tied at 3.  Larson explodes to begin the 2nd period to open up a 5-3 lead.  Larson has the legs in and continues to do damage in the top position with 2NF.  After a penalty point, Larson leads 8-3 after 2.  Larson wins 10-3

141 Round of 16 – Jack Hathaway vs. #15 Tyler Smith (Bucknell)

Hathaway out to the early lead, but gives up a reversal.   2-2 after 1.  Smith has Hathaway on his back and gets the fall at 6:08.

141 Round of 16 – Colton McCrystal vs. #16 Jared Prince (Navy)

McCrystal up 5-4 as the 3rd period begins.  Prince takes bottom.  McCrystal gives up the escape, but then goes right back in and snags a takedown to salt the match away.  8-5 the final

285 Round of 16 – Ross Larson vs.  #9 Denzel Dejoumette (App State)

Dejoumette with the 2-0 victory.

Top 15 Teams after Session 3:

1. Penn State 74.0
2. Ohio State 59.0
3. Iowa 58.0
4. Oklahoma State 47.5
5. Cornell 47.0
6. Missouri 43.5
7. Minnesota 39.0
8. Virginia Tech 35.0
9. Wisconsin 29.0
10. Nebraska 27.0
11. Lehigh 25.5
12. Virginia 22.5
13. Illinois 22.0
14. Arizona State 21.0
15. Northern Iowa 20.0