Session 4 Notes from St Louis: The Semifinals

133 Semifinal - Cory Clark (Iowa) won by decision over Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State (Dec 7-4)

Semifinal - Cory Clark (Iowa) won by decision over Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State (Dec 7-4)

Session 4 Notes:  The Semifinals

University of Iowa

125 Semifinals – #1 Thomas Gilman vs. #4 Darian Cruz (Lehigh)

No score after the 1st period both wrestlers in on shots, but could not finish.  Cruz goes under to start period 2.  Gilman called for locked hands, but Brands protests. Call is overturned. Still 0-0. Stalling on Gilman.   Gilman rides Cruz out and chooses neutral to begin the 3rd.  Cruz with the takedown with less than 10 on the clock.  Gilman escapes and has ride time to tie the match.  Cruz with the takedown to win 4-2 in sudden victory.

133 Semifinals – #4 Cory Clark vs. #1 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)

Tomasello in deep and grabs the opening takedown.  Escape Clark. 2-1 after 1.  Tomasello takes down to begin the 2nd.  Escape Tomasello and Tomasello in on a single…no points.  Clark takes bottom in the 3rd.  Clark escapes to make it 3-2, but Tomasello in again…but Clark slicks behind for the takedown to take the lead and nears RT advantage.  Tomasello out before RT is earned…Tomasello in deep again, but Clark again slicks behind… takes a 6-4 lead.  Clark wins it 7-4 with RT

149 Semifinals – #5 Brandon Sorensen vs. #1 Zain Retherford (Penn State)

Double leg for Retherford to take the 2-0 lead.  Retherford with a leg turk for 4NF.  Retherford with the fall in 2:36.

184 Semifinals – #3 Sammy Brooks vs. #2 Bo Nickal (Penn State)

Nickal with the fall in 1:01 over Brooks.

157 Round of 12 – #2 Michael Kemerer vs. May Bethea (Penn)

Kemerer out to the 4-1 lead in the 1st.  Kemerer takes a 9-2 lead after 2.  Kemerer wins 14-3.

174 Round of 12 – #11 Alex Meyer vs. #7 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State)

Meyer and Crutchmer scoreless after the 1st.  Crutchmer escapes quickly to begin the 2nd. Meyer in deep on a single and takes the lead .  Escape Crutchmer  to tie the match.  Meyer given the escape to start the 3rd.  Crutchmer with a huge 6 point move to take a 11-6 lead. Crutchmer wins a wild 13-10 match.

197 Round of 12 – Cash Wilcke vs. #10 Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion)

Wilcke gives up a pair of takedowns in the 1st period and trails 4-2.  Wilcke escapes to make it 4-3 in the 2nd period, but Beazley has 2 min of RT.  Beazley out to begin the 3rd.  Wilcke with a takedown to tie the match at 5, but must give up the escape as ride time is factor.  Wilcke earns a stalling point, but ride time still the difference in the match.  7-6 the final.

157 Consolation Quarterfinal – #2 Michael Kemerer vs. Paul Fox (Stanford)

Kemerer up 5-3 after the 1st period and takes a 6-3 after an escape to begin the 2nd.  All Kemerer in the 2nd period as he builds a 10-4 lead and nears 2 minutes of RT.


University of Northern Iowa

149 Semifinals – #7 Max Thomsen vs. #3 Lavion Mayes (Missouri)

Mayes takes the lead with an escape in the 2nd.  Thomsen with a reversal to take a brief lead.  Mayes out to tie the match.  Mayes awarded a takedown with under 10 seconds to go to win 4-2.  Schwab protests the call, but the call is confirmed.

165 Round of 12 – #11 Bryce Steiert vs. #9 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State)

Steiert  digs himself a 6-0 hole to begin the match after Rogers grabs a takedown then a cradle for 4NF.  Rogers goes on to the 10-4 win.

184 Round of 12 – #12 Drew Foster vs. #10 Mike Macchiavello (NC State)

Foster down 1-0 in the 2nd grabs a takedown to take the lead.  Gets the ride out and will take bottom.  Foster out early to take a 3-1 lead.  Foster an All American for UNI.

184 Consolation Quarterfinal - #12 Drew Foster vs.  #6 Myles Martin (Ohio State)

Ankle pick by Martin to take a 2-0 lead.  Foster the escape and the takedown to take a 3-2 lead.  Foster with the ride out.  Martin takes bottom. Martin rolls through for the reversal. Foster escapes to tie the match at 4. Quick low single by Martin to take the 6-4 lead.  Foster gets the escape as time expires and takes bottom to begin the 3rd in an attempt to tie the match at 6.  Foster escapes to make it 6-6. Reshot and takedown for Martin.  8-6 the final

Native Iowans

141 Round of 12 – #9 Colton McCrystal vs. #14 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota)

Thorn defeats McCrystal 10-6

Top 15 Teams:

1. Penn State 121.0
2. Ohio State 89.5
3. Oklahoma State 86.0
4. Missouri 81.5
5. Iowa 74.0
6. Minnesota 60.0
7. Cornell 57.5
8. Virginia Tech 53.5
9. Nebraska 50.0
10. Illinois 41.5
11. Lehigh 36.0
11. Wisconsin 36.0
13. Michigan 33.0
14. Arizona State 30.0
15. Virginia 29.5