Session 5 Notes: The Medal Round

Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) won by major decision over Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) (MD 8-0)

Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) won by major decision over Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) (MD 8-0)

Session 5:  The Medal Round

University of Iowa Matches

125 Consi Semi – Thomas Gilman vs. Joey Dance (VirginiaTech)

Gilman grabs a 2-0 lead with 34 seconds to go in the 1st.  Dance escapes with 6 seconds to go.  Gilman chooses bottom.  Gilman up 3-1 with the escape.  Dance chooses bottom as the 3rd begins.  It’s a 3-2 match with 90 seconds to go after Dance escapes. Gilman reshot for the takedown with less than 15 seconds to go.  Gilman wins 5-2

149 Consi Semi – Brandon Sorensen vs. Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)

Sorensen with a takedown 1 minute into the match.  Sorensen up 4-0 in the 2nd and has ride time over 2 min.  Sorensen gets a stall point late in the 2nd to make it 5-0.  Sorensen out quickly as the 3rd begins.  Sorensen with the takedown and ride out to win 9-0

157 Consi Semi – Michael Kemerer vs. Taylor Berger (Nebraska)

Kemerer with a takedown, 2NF, and a ride out to take a 4-0 lead after 1.  Berger out to begin the 2nd.  Kemerer up 6-1 as the 2nd comes to an end.  Escape Kemerer to begin the 3rd as he nears a major decision.  Kemerer gets the takedown with 2 seconds to go to win 10-1.

184 Consi Semi – Sammy Brooks vs. Myles Martin (Ohio State)

Quick stall call on Martin.  Brooks with a counter for the opening score.  Brooks rides him out and has 1:18 of RT.  Brooks on bottom to start the 2nd and gets out in 8 secs.  4-0 after a 2nd stall on Martin.  Martin in deep…gets the takedown.  Escape Brooks makes it 5-2 after 2.  Martin chooses bottom – Brooks maintains a 62 second RT adv.  Brooks looks to ride Martin out…. Wins 6-2.

125 3rd Place – Thomas Gilman vs. Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)

Gilman with a pair of takedowns in the opening 2 minutes of the bout.  Gets the ride out and grabs 1:44 of RT in the process.  Esc Picc to begin the 2nd.  Gilman leads 6-3 after a 3rd takedown and escape for Picc. Gilman neutral to begin the 3rd. Nice double by Gilman and leads 8-4 after the escape. Gilman 2 more takedows as he looks for the major.  Gilman needs a takedown in the last 20 seconds of the match to win by MD… wins 13-6 to take 3rd place.

149 3rd Place – Brandon Sorensen vs. Micah Jordan (Ohio State)

No score after 1.  Jordan goes neutral to begin the 2nd.  No score after 2 – Sorensen on bottom and out right away for the escape. Sorensen charges right back in and cuts the corner for the takedown.  Sorensen rides him out to win 4-0 with RT to finish in 3rd place.


157 3rd Place – Michael Kemerer vs. Joseph Smith (Oklahoma State)

No score after 1.  Kemerer out in 2 seconds to begin the 2nd. Kemerer in deep, but Smith defends well and nearly gets the counter score…no points.  Smith will choose bottom to begin period 3.  1-1 with 90 seconds to go.   Kemerer in again, but can’t finish. They head to SV1.  Kemerer in on a single…Smith rolls him into danger, but Kemerer recovers, grabs the takedown, and 4NF to win 7-1.  Kemerer finishes 3rd

184 3rd Place – Sammy Brooks vs. TJ Dudley (Nebraska)

Dudley wins a scramble and has Brooks on his back… gets the fall at 2:38. Brooks finishes in 4th place for Iowa.

University of Northern Iowa Matches

149 Consi Semi – Max Thomsen vs. Micah Jordan (Ohio State)

Jordan with 2 takedowns in the 1st 90 seconds of the match.   4-2 after 1.  Thomsen out right away, but Jordan immediately hits a slide by to take a 6-3 lead.  Thomsen escapes, but Jordan finishes a takedown off Thomsen’s shot to build his lead to 4.  Jordan makes it 10-4 with a takedown early in the 3rd.  Jordan cuts Thomsen as he looks for the major.  Jordan gets the takedown and the ride out.  13-5 the final.

149 5th place – Max Thomsen vs. Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)

Thomsen collects the 2nd leg and takes the 2-0 lead.  Thomsen builds his lead to 4-1 after the 1st.  Chishko with an escape to make it 4-2 as the 2nd begins.  Thomsen with a 3rd takedown and now has a 7-3 lead with 90 seconds to go.  Takedown Thomsen – Thomsen needs one more score for the major… cannot get it, but wins 10-4 to claim 5th place.

184 7th Place – Drew Foster vs. Nathan Jackson (Indiana)

Foster in right away and grabs the 2-0 lead.  Foster now up 4-1 midway thru the 1st.  Foster fends off a deep shot by Jackson and leads 4-2 as the 1st period comes to a close.  Jackson chooses bottom and gets out to make it 4-3.  Nice single and finish for Jackson to take the lead.  Reversal Foster to make it 6-5 and has Jackson bellied out. Foster will choose bottom to begin the 3rd period and takes a 2:16 RT advantage into the period.  Foster up 7-5 after Jackson choose to let him go.  Jackson with the takedown – Foster Escape to retake the lead 8-7.  Foster has RT locked up… Jackson goes for broke…Foster with the takedown…wins 11-7 and places 7th.

Top 15 Teams

1. Penn State 122.0
2. Ohio State 106.0
3. Oklahoma State 99.0
4. Iowa 93.0
5. Missouri 82.5
6. Virginia Tech 63.5
7. Minnesota 62.5
8. Cornell 60.5
9. Nebraska 59.5
10. Michigan 47.5
11. Illinois 43.5
12. Arizona State 42.0
13. Wisconsin 39.5
14. Lehigh 36.0
15. Virginia 29.5