Session 6 Notes: The Finals

Cory Clark (Iowa) won by decision over Seth Gross (South Dakota State) (Dec 4-3)

Cory Clark (Iowa) won by decision over Seth Gross (South Dakota State) (Dec 4-3)

Saturday Night:  Session 6 – The Finals

197 Finals – J’Den Cox (Missouri) vs. Brett Pfarr (Minnesota)

Cox elevates a single with under a minute to go in the 1st period and finishes. Ride out Cox.  Cox with the escape to begin the 2nd.  Cox in on another single…finishes on the edge.  5-0 Cox.  Pfarr out to make it 5-1.  Pfarr takes bottom to start the 3rd.  Pfarr out to make it 5-2 – Cox with 1:54 of RT.  Cox goes behind to grab one last takedown.  8-2 Cox with RT.


285 Finals – Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) vs. Connor Medberry (Wisconsin)

Snyder horses Medberry up and dumps him down for the 2-0 lead.  Snyder lets Medberry go to make it 2-1. Fleeing on Medberry to make it 3-1 Snyder.  2nd:  Snyder chooses neutral.  Snyder in on a single and gets the takedown to make it 5-1.  2 cautions back to back on Medberry.  3rd:  Medberry chooses top.  Escape Snyder to make it 6-1. Medberry goes behind to make it 6-3.  Snyder wins 6-3.


125 Finals – Darian Cruz (Lehigh) vs.Ethan Lizak (Minnesota)

Cruz in and scrambles for the takedown on the edge.  Escape Lizak.  2nd:  Lizak takes bottom.  Lizak with the escape to make it 2-2.  3rd: Cruz goes neutral.  Cruz in on a single and scrambles his way for the takedown and the lead.  Lizak out and has 15 to score.  Cruz with a takedown on a desperation attempt by Lizak.  Cruz wins 6-3.


133 Finals – Cory Clark (Iowa) vs. Seth Gross (South Dakota State)

Gross comes out on top of a scramble to take the early lead.  Escape Clark.  2nd: Clark takes bottom. Clark out to tie the match.  3rd: Gross goes down.  Gross escapes and maintains RT at 1:09. Clark in on a low single and finishes to take the 4-3 lead.   30 to go and restart. 10 to go restart. Clark wins 4-3


141 Finals – Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) vs. George DiCamillo (Virginia)

Heil with the double leg and leads 2-0. DiCamillo with the escape.  2nd: Heil chooses bottom.  Heil up 3-1 after the escape.  DiCamillo nearly scores at the buzzer, but no points.  3rd:  DiCamillo on bottom.  DiCamillo out and at :58 RT.  Heil with the big takedown with under 45 to go.  Esc DiCamillo.  6-3 the final with  RT.


149 Finals – Zain Retherford (Penn State) vs. Lavion Mayes (Missouri)

Mayes comes out with the explosive early score.   Caution Retherford.   Escape Retherford and takedown midway thru the period.  2nd:  Retherford underneath and out right away.   Reshot by Retherford and comes around for the takedown.   6-2 after 2.  3rd:  Mayes goes under.  Retherford with 4NF.  4 more NF for Retherford.  4 more NF to win 19-2 at 6:42.


157 Finals – Jason Nolf (Penn State) vs. Joey LaVallee (Missouri)

Nolf with the 2-1 lead after the 1st.  2nd:  Nolf underneath.  Nolf with the escape.  2nd stall call on LaVallee and a takedown for Nolf to make it 6-1. 3rd:  LaVallee down and Nolf kicks him out to make it 6-2.   Nolf puts on a 3rd period takedown clinic and wins 14-6.


165 Finals – Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) vs. Vicenzo Joseph (Penn State)

Martinez with the quick takedown and escape for Joseph.  Joseph able to spin around a grab a takedown to take the lead, but can’t quite get the ride out.  3-3 tie after 1.  2nd:  IMart with the escape.  Joseph with a 2nd takedown.  IMart out, but not before Joseph earns 1:05 of RT.  5-5 after 2.  3rd: Joseph on bottom.   Joseph with the escape and RT remains at 100… IMart goes upper body… it backfires! Joseph with the fall at 5:25


174 Finals – Mark Hall (Penn State) vs. Bo Jordan (Ohio State)

A great scramble nets no points with under a minute to go in the 1st.  2nd:  Hall chooses down.  Hall out in 9 seconds.  Hall in on a single… Jordan is coming around, but Hall readjusts and wins the scramble.  Escape Jordan to make 3-1.  3rd:  Jordan gets the escape, riding yet to be a factor.  Stall warning on Hall with 45 to go.   Takedown Hall near the buzzer to win 5-2.


184 Finals – Gabe Dean (Cornell) vs. Bo Nickal (Penn State)

A takedown with authority for Dean.  Escape Nickal.  Nickal awarded a takedown after an officials review.  Nickal rides him out.  2nd:  Nickal on bottom.  Escape Nickal to make 4-2.  3rd:  Dean goes underneath.  Dean out.  Great action on the edge… Dean can’t quite collect the far leg… no points.  Gabe in deep… has 20 to finish…can’t do it.  Nickal wins 4-3

Final Top 15 Team Scores

1. Penn State 146.5
2. Ohio State 110.0
3. Oklahoma State 103.0
4. Iowa 97.0
5. Missouri 86.5
6. Virginia Tech 63.5
7. Minnesota 62.5
8. Cornell 60.5
9. Nebraska 59.5
10. Michigan 47.5
11. Illinois 43.5
12. Lehigh 40.0
13. Wisconsin 39.5
14. Arizona State 39.0
15. Virginia 29.5