Doctors Corner

By Kevin Miller D.C. for The Predicament

The Senior Level circuit is heating up this month.  There were a lot of story lines at the US Open 2017.  Dake vs. Burroughs, Cinderella Brandon Wright (Grandview Alum), and JO vs Zain train were amazing, controversial stories.   I missed being out there, but I did have three colleagues that were in Vegas adjusting all the cadet, junior, and senior level athletes.   It was tough staying home, but my kids activities come first.   I was getting texts from my colleagues all weekend long, while I was standing in the cold, rain, and wind at the Cedar Rapids soccer complex.   It was all worth it though as my son’s soccer team won the championship game in his U11 age division.   I was a bit jealous though when I saw my friend’s photos with the beautiful blue skies and pool in the background.

This month’s article I want to focus on “The Story.”  Everyone has a story, from JB to JO, to Dake to BWright.   I wanted to share my story on how my wrestling career shifted into a chiropractic path and why now I have a passion for keeping the wrestling community healthy and injury free.   So here it goes!   When I was wrestling at Wartburg College I kept getting these annoying stingers.  Stingers are a condition when the nerve roots in the bottom of your neck get compressed and a shocking feeling goes down your arm.   It hurts and you lose strength for a few minutes and then it comes back.   It can feel like fire shooting out your fingers.   Well, they persisted for a long time and worsened.   By the time I did something about it I had completely lost strength in my left arm and struggled to do one push up.   I examined my upper body and found my left pectoral muscle and tricep muscle to be shriveled up.   I visited the training room on several occasions and they did some things that would temporarily make it feel better.   Over time it would come right back.   I then visited the doctor, did some testing on it and ended up in the surgeon’s office.   The surgeon recommendations were dire and I did not like them.   Basically to sum it up, my career was over.  At that time in my life I was majoring in wrestling, while studying biology and Pre-medicine.   I knew there had to be another option, so I investigated chiropractic care and decided I would go visit a chiropractor.   I really had no experience with chiro care, but had no other options.

My visit to the chiropractor started the transformation in my life in so many ways.   I found out what the cause was to the major problem in my neck and how to fix it.   The nerves were getting crushed coming out of my spine and the only way to correct it was by physically adjusting and correcting my spine.  He showed me the x-ray of my spine and how far off from normal I was.   I was messed up.   I also started learning what health was and where it comes from.   He told me that healing comes from within my own body and no other place.   I can take muscle relaxers and pain pills all my life, but that does not heal me.  Only my own body could heal itself, but I needed help to take the pressure off the nerves in my neck.   I remember that first adjustment when I was swollen up and hurting bad.  I could not turn my neck at all.    He adjusted me and I felt the shock down my arm.   I also felt life again in my arm and knew in that moment, I needed more of this chiropractic thing to get me well.   Not only did it save me from having an unnecessary surgery, but it also changed my career path.   I was deep into the process of getting into medical school and my mind was changed in that instant.   I stopped that process and enrolled into chiropractic school.

What a journey it has been to this point.  Never in my dreams did I think my chiropractic career would unfold the way it has and keep me involved in the sport of wrestling.   It has taken me around the world and back.   I have been blessed with serving at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games in London and Rio,   World Championships in Herning, Denmark, Moscow, Russia, and Budapest, Hungary.   I have been to the US Open, Junior, University, NCAA, NAIA National Tournaments.  Locally, I take care of Grandview University and in the past have taken care of Iowa State and Simpson.   Why do I this work pro bono?   It is because I don’t want young wrestlers to have to go through what I went through.  I want to be able to teach, educate, adjust, and correct athletes’ spines and nervous system.   More importantly, to teach the principles of health that I live by now.   It takes a lifestyle to stay healthy and it is not easy.   The easy thing to do is give in to society, follow the crowd and get sick.   I think of the coach in Wisconsin that was 43 years old and died of a heart attack.   He left his family, wrestlers, school and community behind.   I am 42 and think that could have been me if I did not have that injury in my neck that changed the trajectory of my life.   What drives me and burdens me in my gut is I did not get to that coach.   How many kids in his Wisconsin town are going to be affected because he did not get a chance to coach those kids?  Sickness changes the history of families, schools, communities, states and this nation.

Why do I travel to these wrestling events, work in my office and see hundreds of people per week, and continue to consult with people in my Yoli nutrition business?   It is simply because people are dying every day.   I need to communicate what I know about health and healing to everyone I possibly can.   God gave me a pair of hands to adjust and mouth to communicate health to the masses.   I love wrestling and teaching you guys about principles to enhance your life and keep you healthy.

Now that I have shared my story with you, think about what is your story?  What story can you share to inspire others?  We all have a story to share that can change people’s lives.  What will the world miss out on if you don’t share your story with others?




Kevin Miller D.C.