Snyder Wins Showdown of ‘Young Legends’ to Close Paris 2017 Wrestling World C’ships

By Tim Foley, United World Wrestling

PARIS (August 26) – Kyle SNYDER (USA) scored the final takedown in the showdown of young legends to defeat fellow world and Olympic Games champion Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS), 6-5, in the grand finale of the Paris 2017 Wrestling World Championships.

Snyder and Sadulaev, both 21 – Sadulaev is about five months younger – battled mightily in the 97kg freestyle finale at AccorHotels Arena with the young Russian scoring the first takedown only 15 seconds into the "Match of the Century" while the American collegiate champion scored the decisive takedown in the final 30 seconds.

The Snyder-Sadulaev showdown – much hoped for and overly hyped – proved to be worthy of all the excitement, pitting the world's middleweight with two world titles and the Rio 2016 gold medal at 86kg against the top heavyweight with one world title and the Rio crown at 97kg.

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