Cohlton Schultz claims first American Cadet World title in 20 years

By Andy Hamilton, Trackwrestling

Golden Voyage: Cohlton Schultz claims first American Cadet World title in 20 years

ATHENS, Greece — There are often times when Cohlton Schultz does things that typical 16-year-olds don’t.

He regularly follows up a day of high school classes by making the 120-mile round-trip drive to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to wrestle around with the best Greco-Roman athletes in the country.

He spends weeks at a time away from home, jetting around the world in pursuit of top-level training and competitive opportunities.

He ragdolls fellow high school wrestlers and holds his own on the mat with grown men.

But there are times, too, when Schultz needs the typical 16-year-old life — and one of those times surfaced a couple weeks ago.

Schultz had spent nearly a month in Europe, preparing to compete at the Junior World Championships in Finland and making a quick stop for several days of training in Sweden before flying to France for to meet up with USA Wrestling’s Senior-level squad for the World Championships in Paris. And prior to that month-long European tour, he had only been home for a couple nights all summer.

All the travel and time away from home was beginning to take its toll on the Colorado prep.

“It’s been rough,” Schultz said. “It was hard. It was sacrificing a lot.”

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