Foley’s Friday Mailbag: September 22, 2017

By T.R. Foley, InterMat Senior Writer

T.R. Foley

What determines a great athlete? Is it muscular strength? Endurance? The ability to jump, run quickly and stay coordinated?

Opinions are as numerous as the physical activities that qualify athletes for consideration. This week, Sports Illustrated attempted to tackle the question by rating their top 50 fittest athletes. Overall the sporting news stalwart fared well, including a few outlandish and dubious selections, but mostly choosing the greats within sports to be their poster men and poster women.

The most laudable of their decisions was to include five-time world (or Olympic) titlist Jordan Burroughs among their top ten athletes. The consideration was decent mainstream publicity for a sport that often gets overlooked during print listicles, but they did the world a favor and chose Jordan Burroughs to be included in theirĀ top 50 fittest men.

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