WIN’s 2017 Summer Prep RPI Rankings

By Rob Sherrill, WIN High School Columnist

With another off-season now officially over, I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of months compiling my seventh annual WIN Summer Ratings Percentage Index leaders list.

The volume of results I used resembled a small mountain. And, as I’ve written repeatedly in previous columns, the size of that mountain neither makes the process of compiling the rankings easier … nor improves the accuracy of those rankings. Sometimes too much information is just that: too much information.

The RPI, of course, is a tool used by a sport that traditionally is one of our sworn enemies, NCAA Division I basketball. One component of that RPI: the number of wins against the RPI top 50.

Given that my two main rankings criteria are strength of schedule and the number of quality wins, it should come as no surprise that I’m partial to the RPI as a rankings tool. In this day and age, when everybody wrestles everybody, nearly everybody in the rankings has good wins and bad losses.

Some have a lot of the former, which will excuse even a lot of the latter, which some people on this list definitely have. After all, those wrestlers are putting it on the line frequently in events with tough fields and that contributes to the strength of schedule component.

So I thought I’d share a window to my world with you…some of the off-season RPI leaders who might be found in the pre-season rankings for next year. Not all will be, because these are not rankings themselves – they’ll simply be used as one of the inputs.

The 106-pound category includes everyone who competed at 106 pounds or below.

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