Seven Minutes with Drew Foster

By Andy Hamilton, Trackwrestling

7th Place Match - Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Nathan Jackson (Indiana) (Dec 11-7)

This is the 35th installment of Seven Minutes. It's a series of interviews with college wrestling's top stars. Most of the question-and-answer sessions last roughly seven minutes. Hence the name. Northern Iowa's Drew Foster earned All-America honors last season as a sophomore at 184 pounds.  Trackwrestling's Andy Hamilton recently caught up with Foster.


Let’s say wrestling has one governing body and you’re the president, what would you want to change?

The one thing I’d like to change is matside weigh-ins. In high school, there were a couple years where I cut a lot of weight. You see it a lot in high school and I don’t think kids get the most out of the sport and don’t get the lessons they should learn from the sport when they’re cutting so much weight. I’m fine with a little bit of a weight cut, but I think matside weigh-ins would help.

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