The love in Defeat

By Mindy Cochran


I decided to make my blog a bit more personal and share with you one of my family’s loves.  By family, I mean both biological and “adopted” 🙂

My son decided only last year that he would go out for wrestling.  I had told my husband, Brad, for years that he was NOT going to push him into it, that I wanted it to be Kasen’s decision whether or not to participate.  It’s an incredibly intense sport and with Brad’s passion for it, I didn’t want it to be too much for him and make him hate it.

We found a local private club his first season which was an amazing foundation for him.  It was a great program for beginning wrestlers that taught a LOT of technique and defense moves and Kasen moved from the intermediate class to the elite class in just 6 short weeks.  He really gravitated to the coaching techniques and the intensity of it all.  Being only 65# in the 5th grade, he had a lot of bigger, more experienced wrestlers to challenge him and he had a great season.  On track wrestling, his record was 7-0 finishing out the first season at beginner tournaments.  (His season was cut early when he got pneumonia in December and struggled with a left lung that held on to fluid for over 6 weeks.)

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