Ramirez finds state tournament the spice of life

By Matt Levins For The Predicament

DES MOINES — Josh Ramirez has eaten his fair share of jambalaya and chicken gumbo through the years.
When you call Metairie, Louisiana your home, in the heart of Cajun country, spicey food is a way of life.

Ramirez, a three-time Louisiana high school state champion for Archbishop Rummel, wanted to spice up his wrestling a little, mix in a few new flavors.

So he packed his bags and headed to Iowa, the heart of wrestling country and what many people consider the best high school wrestling state tournament in the country.

And spice things up is exactly what Ramirez has done.

Ramirez, a senior at Dubuque Wahlert, finished with a 13-2 record as the Class 2A state champion at 160 pounds at the state wrestling tournament at Wells Fargo Arena.

For Ramirez, wrestling is the spice of life, and he is adding plenty of seasoning to the mix.
Ramirez said wrestling in Louisiana pales in comparison to what he has seen in Iowa, which is one reason he came North in the first place.

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