Mental Warriors is an entirely new level of operating & potential

By Mark Schwab

Mental Warriors is a development & performance based one-on-one program & presentation striving for a mental-climate talked about by many, yet practiced by few. Both programs emphasize maximizing your mental potential and giving you the best opportunity to grow and succeed. You’ll address & improve all aspects of your preparation & performance while focusing on what’s within your control. MW’s study behaviors & disciplines beneficial far beyond athletics.

MW’s calls for you to go within, reflect, identify, manage & confront real & imagined obstacles while acquiring essential awareness. You’ll develop confidence, composure, consistency, focus, being a PRO in all scenarios & comprehend the value of the “little things” that tilt the scale in your favor.

Most agree competing is 80% or more mental but when asked about preparation other than physical-training, most remain silent. Most CANNOT develop all competing essentials from scheduled / required physical-training alone. MW’s offers direction for development in and out of physical training.

YOU have the influence & responsibility over your progression and results. MWs' is a personal program demanding quality dedication. The one-on-one program is very detailed and requires daily challenges & commitments. Only you can pull your end of the rope; it’s on you.

The greatest indicator of success is in your daily actions. There are no short-cuts. Growth and success are not random; they’re related to your thoughts, expectations & commitment. You will get out what you put in.

The season will pass regardless of what you do. However, based on what you do, you can be in a position of strength and belief. Make up your mind & commit to your aspirations. It’s a brave individual who’ll test his resolve & energies into a cause believed-in.

Competing with !!! Vs. ???

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MW’s individual program begins in November & goes all season. MW’s is detailed, serious & demanding. I’m only taking ten individuals for in program. The presentation is for all programs. The entire team can hear a message they need to hear & benefit immensely if reinforced & put into action. There’s nothing like MW’s out there. I have the unique experience of being an athlete, coach, & academically / hands-on mileage in life, sport & performance psychology.