Rebuilding after Workout

By Kevin Miller D.C. for The Predicament

Welcome back to another season at the Predicament.  I want to thank Wyatt Schultz and Predicament crew for letting me give back to the wrestling community.   It is my hope that I can create value with the health articles that I write.    

In this article, I want to discuss inflammation and the stress that goes on in the wrestling athlete.   The workouts that wrestlers have each day will break down their body.    Keeping injury free is all about rebuilding the body as fast as it is broken down.   During a hard wrestling workout the muscle, connective tissue, and fascia are stressed to the max.

There is a lot of sweat and minerals that are lost in a workout.   Strenuous workouts break down muscle and connective tissue.  Nutrition after the workout repairs the stressed tissues.  There must be a proper time period to recover so the body will be ready for the next competition or practice.   During a grueling practice muscle tissues will tear which causes an inflammation process.  The key to successful recovery is getting rid of the inflammation in a quick manner.  I just talked to a college athlete and he told me he lost seven pounds in a workout.

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