Role of the Assistant Coach

By Clint Koedam for The Predicament

Assistant coaches are a fundamental key to the success of a program as long as head coaches educate and empower.  The second component to their value is their understanding of the role they play in the development of the program.  Head and assistant coaches should be working together headed down the same road that leads to Wells Fargo Arena.

Head coaches have a great responsibility to their programs.  Why not get some help for the cause by providing proper education to the assistants on staff?  The type of education you need to provide obviously depends on the experience level of your assistant(s).  There is an endless sea of technique that we could know.  We should, at a minimum, make sure our assistants know the core technique for their level as well as the technique you hang your hat on, so to speak.  Assistants that can’t coach up kids in the room due to the lack of technical knowledge are not going to serve the program as well as they should.

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