Articulating the keys to success, SC North Ethan Sorenson

By Wayne Dominowski SSA Editor© Copyright 2018, Siouxland Sports Authority.  All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission

(Sioux City, IA.) – There are a lot of good kids around.  Like Ethan Sorenson of Sioux City North.  The senior wrestler is the quintessential American youngster: good in athletics, good in academics, good in life.  He strives to do his best and has been doing just that.

A wrestler since fifth grade, he says it wasn’t until junior high that he began to come into his own on the mat.  He broke his elbow during competition, and instead of stepping back he rebounded forward four and five times a week during the summer at the North Star wrestling room.  It was Sorenson’s way of recovering.

“It all comes down to the work you put into something and how much you believe in yourself,” Ethan said.

That, he said, and “not taking the fundamentals for granted.  Wrestling is second nature – what you do during a match – because you really don’t think during those minutes on the mat.  You react.  That’s why fundamentals are so important.  You have to work on those specific moves and become good at them in order to apply them in wrestling.”

Basics and repetition, he said, are the keys to success.

Wrestling, Ethan said, “has done a lot for me.  There are so many things I can think of that I’ve learned from wrestling.”  It’s a very disciplined sport, he said.  “You work hard all the time in practice, in the weight room, running.  Then there’s maintaining your weight and cutting.”  When you put all those elements together, he said, it equates to tremendous values that you take with you in life.

At SC-North, it’s about old-fashioned accountability.  “On our team, we don’t curse, talk trash or put anyone down.  For me, it’s conditioned me both on the outside and inside.  Wrestling is a sport that pushes you to your brink and when you reach it, you find you can do even more.”

He talked about starting wrestling at a young age, which he did.  “From the onset, it’s always just you versus an opponent.  It’s one on one.  Looking at it from that perspective and having wrestled as long as I can remember, I can’t help believing that wrestling instills courage in a person.”

Balance means success… balancing academics, athletics, home life, job, and social life.  “I’m a student first,” Ethan said.  “School and classes always come first.”  During the summer months, he noted, “I run cross-country which increases my endurance and helps me maintain the weight I will wrestle at down the road.  I also continue wrestling and weight training.”

All his training takes up no less than six days a week.

The standard is set, and those that know Ethan fully understand where his priorities lie.  “It comes down to going after what you want to achieve.  Once you’ve made that choice, there are no shortcuts.  So, for me, wrestling is very important to me.”

Articulate in expressing himself, Ethan talks about his goals and what they mean to him.  He said he loves the English language.  He also is keen on adding new words to his growing vocabulary.  Together, he sounds way ahead of his years.  “I think a command of language separates people from being well-versed or not well-versed.  How you express yourself says a lot about your character.”

In the classroom setting, Ethan said he asks questions.  After all, he said, “We’re all in school to learn.  Where I’m concerned, I just want to learn as much as I can.”

He sees himself as being retrospective.  He’s outgoing.  He’s also a thinker.  “I guess I do put a lot of thought into my studies.  I always ask myself ‘Why?’  I’m never comfortable with myself if I don’t question why something is the way it is, or how things work, or why something doesn’t work.”

His daily schedule and the activities he’s involved with, he said, makes him “very selfish with my time.  I seek to have every minute of the day to matter.  Every day, I am up at 7 in the morning, even when I don’t have a scheduled activity to do.  I want to make the most of my time.”

Back to wrestling.

Ethan attended Morningside College’s Wrestling Academy that went from early June to the second week in August.  Along with going up against wrestlers from other schools and college wrestlers.  “You learn a lot by doing that,” he said.  “In wrestling, there are so many moves and counter-moves.  So, you can’t improve if you don’t learn.”

Sorenson plans on attending Morningside College, and yes, he plans on wrestling for the Mustangs.  But for now he’s every bit looking forward to his senior season at North.  With what he’s put into his preparation, the 2018-19 campaign should be a very good one.