Preview of the J-Hawk Invitational at Cedar Rapids Jefferson

By Joshua Swafford for The Predicament

Chryshaun Taylor

The TEAMS at J-Hawk Invitational at Cedar Rapids Jefferson

Cedar Rapids Jefferson
Davenport Central
Dubuque Hempstead
Fort Madison
Iowa City, City High
Waterloo East

#1 in 1A Jaymus Wilson
#2 in 1A Stevie Barnes
#1 in 3A- Ethan Wood-Finley- IC High
Wrestlers to Watch
Dallas Jordan- Waterloo East
Owen Kruse- Ft. Madison
Ryder Downey- Indianola


#6 in 1A Westin Allin,- Underwood
Wrestlers to Watch
Garrett Bormann- IC High
Dayne Cordray- Ft. Madison

Look for
Chryshaun Taylor- Waterloo East

#4 in 1A Logan James- Underwood
#2 in 3A, Joe Pins- Dubuque Hempstead

#3 in 1A- Nick Hamilton
Also look for
Aidan Ernst- Waterloo East

#3 at 145- Blake Thomsen- Underwood
#8 @ 3A 152 (was 145 last week) Nick Bonnano- Indianola
#7 in 3A- Tyler Murphy- Dubuque Hempstead
Also look for
Norbert Riyazamini 18-5 record

#7 in 3A, Kyle Hefley- IC High
Wrestlers to Watch
Jack Gehl- Dubuque Hempstead
Brody Ehrlandson- Waterloo East
Kyle Guilliams- Clinton

#3 in 1A Michael Baker- Underwood
#6 in 1A Mason Wickman- Alburnett
Wrestlers to Watch
Brandon Lalla- Iowa City High
Matthew Cary- Waterloo East

#8 in 3A- Brennan Meacham- Indianola
Wrestlers to Watch
Tim Nimley- Muscatine
Kent Kragenbrink- Dubuque Hempstead

#10 in 3A Taner Harvey- Boone
Wrestlers to Watch
Brennan Broders- Muscatine
Diego Lozano- Fort Madison

#10 Kanan Morris- Alburnett
#6 Ethan Barry- Cllinton
#3 Sam Hayes- Fort Madison
#9 Dalton Sell- Muscatine
# 8 Owen Dunne- Dubuque Hempstead

Wrestlers to Watch
Shane Mathias- Muscatine
Brennan Davis- Waterloo East
Wes Hogard- Indianola
Hunter Randall- Clinton

#5 in 3A- Jacob Murry- IC High
#7 in 3A- Manny McGowan- Davenport Central
Wrestlers to Watch
Danen Settles- Ft. Madison
Cayden Lovett- Dubuque Hempstead
Dawson Sweet- CR Jefferson


- I think a lot of wrestling fans are aware of how rich of a wrestling history that Cedar Rapids Jefferson has. However, I get the vibe that some of the younger fans may not be as aware of this. This team has produced some stone-cold hammers. While in that gym, it is crazy to think about the wrestling brilliance that has been on display in CR Jefferson’s rich history. The Ironside brothers were a family who wrestled there. But there were much, much more. At the conclusion of this article, I will post the list of wrestlers who made the CR Jefferson Hall of Fame. It is very impressive.

- A big reason as to why I chose to cover this tournament was because this is CR Jefferson Head Coach Ryan Phillips’s 2nd season there and I want to see what he has going on… Prior to coaching at Jefferson, he was the high school coach at West Burlington/Notre Dame for a couple seasons and by all accounts, he was very charismatic, good with the kids and a wizard with technique. Ryan and I go way back. He wrestled for Burlington High School and won a state championship there in 2002. My brother Justin and I wrestled for the Burlington youth wrestling club and actually had a difficult time parting with some of my teammates when I entered the high school scene (half of us went to Mepo, the other half went to Burlington…we were dominant when our programs were combined in youth). There is, has always been and will always be a soft spot in my heart for Burlington because of that…I spent 8 years wearing a purple singlet. The thing about Ryan, though is that he didn’t start until 7th or 8th grade. And when he started, let’s just say that he didn’t appear to be the type of kid who would have the drive to accomplish as much as quickly as he did. Holy cow, was that the wrong assumption. This guy is probably much lighter to this day than before he started. Once he started wrestling, he earned a reputation of being someone who absolutely no one worked harder than. And he caught on quick. If you were to ask me the wrestlers that I know of who caught on the quickest to the sport, my first answer would be Terry Vesey from Assumption and my second answer would be Ryan Phillips. This guy started as a huge kid in Junior High and by the time he was a Freshman/Sophomore, he was competitive with the upperclassmen hammers. He qualified for state as a Junior and won state as a Senior…and no one has ever been more deserving. And then he went on to become a 197 lb. Division II national champion for Upper Iowa. Upper Iowa’s first national champion at the Division II level. So for those of you who don’t know Phillips, take it from me…the guy is awesome and he will have his squad on a roll in the semi-recent future.

- Everyone remembers the two historical Teske vs. Thomsen matches last year. The first one took place at Council Bluffs. The second one took place at this tournament. Don’t forget that.

- 106 lbs: 106 lbs. will have 3 guys who were ranked in the top 2 in the most recent set of rankings. They are: 1A #1 ranked Jaymus Wilson, SR, Alburnett. 1A #2 ranked Stevie Ray Barnes, a Freshman from Underwood and #1 in 3A, Ethan Wood-Finley, a Junior from Iowa City High. Jaymus has a few losses on the year, but they were generally at the beginning of the year when he was wrestling 113 lbs. He had a huge 4-3 win over Freshman, Marcel Lopez of New London last weekend. Stevie Ray Barnes is a Freshman that I have heard a ton about. I just have never gotten the chance to watch him, for he’s from the opposite side of the state as me. He won AAU state last year and has placed high or won countless of other big state, national, regional, etc. tournaments that he has participated in. He won Fall nationals this year and is off to a great start to his high school campaign that only includes two losses on a tough Underwood schedule at this point. Add him to the list of monsters in this Freshman class. #1 ranked Ethan Wood-Finley took his first loss of the season to Freshman, Trever Anderson of Ankeny last weekend. This will be a perfect “bounce back” weekend for him if he can get it done. I hope these guys will meet up, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…there are other talented Freshmen lurking in this bracket such as Ryder Downey from Indianola, Owen Kruse from Fort Madison and Dallas Jordan from Waterloo East.
- 132 lbs. #2 in 3A Joe Pins from Dubuque Hempstead and #4 in 1A, Logan James. It’s not that often where two highly ranked guys from different classes who have placed high at state in previous seasons from literally opposite corners of the state are able to go to battle. But this may happen at this tourney. Logan James, from Underwood, which is located in the Southwest region of the state is ranked 4th and has placed 4th and 7th at state the last two years and placed 3rd at preseason nationals this year. # 2 ranked Joe Pins is from Dubuque Hempstead. Dubuque is located in the Northeast region of the state. Pins has placed 3rd at state the last two years and qualified for state as a Freshman. Should be a good one.

- Blake Thomsen is having a great season so far and can keep this roll he’s on going by winning a competitive 138 lb bracket at this tournament. Sometimes, when a 4 time state champion has younger brothers, it takes that younger brother a while to earn the label of being themselves and not “this guy’s brother.” I know this to a lesser extent than someone like Blake by being my brother Justin’s brother…so I understand. Several brothers of 4 timers who likely felt an immense sense of pressure to win 4 titles themselves have had to deal with this to some extent, but most of them ended up accomplishing so much more than the average wrestler. Some guys who come to mind are Eddie Reiter who placed 4 times, Nick Leclere who won 1 state title, Charlie Ettelson who won state, Marc Juergens who won state, Wade Sundell who placed twice, 5 Happel bros will go through this…2 of them already are and one seems well on his way to joining his brother… Jack Thomsen is another name that comes to mind. Blake is Alex Thomson’s younger brother. And he is very good. He placed 5th as a Freshman and 3rd as a Sophomore. While he was very good those first two years, some of his stats from this year about made my jaw drop. He has beaten some good guys in convincing fashion. He has 3 losses, but those are all to out-of-state kids who have been successful at the national level and it was in the same tournament. Maybe he had a bad weekend. He is undefeated in competition vs. other Iowans this year and has defeated some hammers. He beat #2 ranked at 3A 145, Collin Lewis of North Scott 4-2. He beat a previously undefeated Jack West of Winterset who is #2 in 2A by a score of 8-3. He beat #4 Brennan Todd convincingly as well as #6 Wyatt Appleseth. The kid appears to have brought it up another level and I remember when his brother did that… the emergence was quick, and it never stopped moving forward. I wonder if the same will be true with Blake? He will have some great competitors in his bracket such as #7 Tyler Murphy of Dubuque Hempstead and presumably Nick Bonanno of Indianola who is ranked #8 at 3A 152, but wrestled 145 last weekend.

- 160 has some good wrestlers that have the chance to establish some momentum and consistency. This bracket is expected to include #3 ranked in 1A, Michael Baker of Underwood, #6 ranked in 1A, Mason Wickman of Alburnett and previously ranked, Brandon Lalla of Iowa City High. All 3 have wrestled at state. Wickman placed at state in 2017. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

- At 182, there are a few guys who have the opportunity to reel in some good wins. Taner Harvey from Boone is ranked #10. When I saw his name and looked at his stats, I had to do a few takes… for I had missed the mark on him a few times before. This was prior to the release of the 3rd set of rankings. I clicked on his season matches on trackwrestling and thought, “whoa…this guy hasn’t even lost yet.” Then I looked at his wins and concluded that he was beating decent guys. Then I noticed that he was just a Sophomore so I looked at his past results and it turns out, this kid has been good for a long time…it just took a while for him to hit my radar, for whatever reason. I immediately inserted his name in the rankings and he proceeded to win 2 matches against a previously ranked opponent last weekend. If you haven’t heard this name yet, well now you have and I don’t think it will be the last time. Brennan Broders from Muscatine cracked the 2nd set of rankings after compiling some very impressive wins early on, but barely dropped out after a couple setbacks. He’s having a great season and can make another statement this weekend. Diego Lozano from Fort Madison has always been a talented kid when at the weight that suits him best. He spent the first couple weeks at 220, which I think he was too small for. It will be interesting to see how he does at 182.

- 195: I really don’t know what to say other than this is a very deep weight class. There is #3 in 3A, Sam Hayes from Fort Madison. He is a kid who has battled injuries all through high school and got off to another amazing start this year by winning the Indee Invite. Owen Dunne from Dubuque Hempstead is ranked #8 and has spent most of the past couple seasons at 220, so it will be interesting to see how he does at 195. Dalton Sell from Muscatine is ranked #9 and for good reason. He was a match from placing at state last year and had a great freestyle showing in the offseason. If he is on his game and wrestling smart, then watch out. Kanan Morris from Alburnett and ranked #6 in 1A. Always been a good wrestler. And finally, Ethan Barry of Clinton…he is ranked #6, but to be honest, 3rd-6th are very close to each other, so it was tough to put him at #6. He placed 7th at state last year and was just a Sophomore. If someone wants to mark his territory this weekend, it’s probably him.

- 285: #5 Jacob Murry from Iowa City High. Murry has proven time and time again that he is capable of defeating some of the state’s best wrestlers. He proved this when he defeated previously #1 ranked Griffin Liddle. This 285 lb. class is a hornet’s nest this year and Murry is one of the hornets. You know who else is? Manny McGowan. He’s a kid with a high ceiling and has also proven that he is capable of going with anyone. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Both of these guys have to get past returning qualifier, Danen Settles and Jefferson wrestler Dawson Sweet, who is likely itching to perform well in front of his home crowd.

J-Hawk Wrestling Hall of Fame
1958 Gary Wolverton 95 3RD
1958 Bill Aossey 112 HM
1958 Lonnie Wieland 138 HM
1958 Herb RIichards HWT HM
1959 George Slocum 103 HM
1959 Tom Owen 103 HM
1959 Lowell Blick 133 HM
1959 Jim Turner 138 3RD
1959 Tom Wishnousky 165 HM
1960 George Slocum 103 HM
1960 Tom Owen 112 3RD
1960 Lowell Blick 133 HM
1960 Mel Wieland 145 1ST
1960 Dick Winter 165 3RD
1961 George Slocum 103 4TH
1961 Cal Jenkins 127 4TH
1961 Mel Wieland 145 1ST
1962 Steve Childs 95 1ST
1962 Al Sievertson 120 2ND
1962 Cal Jenkins 127 1ST
1962 Ron Clark 133 4TH
1962 Bill Armitage 145 2ND
1962 Mel Wieland 154 1ST
1962 Monty Rierson 175 2ND
1963 Steve Childs 95 1ST
1963 Jon Winger 103 2ND
1963 Don Berger 112 HM
1963 Al Sievertson 127 1ST
1963 Larry Sievertson 133 4TH
1963 Larry Hartgrave 138 HM
1963 Monty Riertson 180 1ST
1964 Dennis Gunder 95 HM
1964 Ray Pena 103 HM
1964 Bill Schwartz 112 4TH
1964 Don Berger 120 3RD
1964 Rich Mihal 127 2ND
1964 Russ Tesar 145 HM
1964 Bill Sommers HWT HM
1965 Rick Madison 120 4TH
1965 Rich Mihal 138 1ST
1965 Lynn Lamb 145 3RD
1965 Frank Spinka 154 1ST
1965 Jon Meskimen HWT 3RD
1966 Terry Kemme 95 HM
1966 Don Briggs 112 2ND
1966 Jim Kimball 138 4TH
1966 Jon Meskimen HWT 3RD
1967 Don Briggs 120 3RD
1967 Jim Kimball 138 HM
1967 Ron Pierce 165 HM
1968 Bob Shaffer 95 4TH
1968 Denny Burke 127 HM
1969 Dick Fowler 103 3RD
1969 Don Starr 112 4TH
1969 Dick Ingvall 133 2ND
1969 Clark Beltz 145 HM
1969 Bob Miller 175 3RD
1969 Henry Banke HWT 1ST
1970 Dan Rowray 130 1ST
1970 Steve Sadler 145 4TH
1970 Clark Beltz 155 2ND
1970 Tim Balvanz 165 HM
1971 Bill Williams 138 3RD
1971 Mark Beltz 185 HM
1972 Mike Gallagher 98 1ST
1972 Gary Bentrim 119 2ND
1972 Brad Suma 126 1ST
1972 Kent Miller 145 3RD
1972 Steve Riess HWT 6TH
1973 Don Hittenmiller 98 4TH
1973 Paul Viktora 105 SQ
1973 Dan Kruse 112 SQ
1973 Terry Lutz 119 SQ
1973 Gary Bentrim 126 1ST
1973 Tom Cornally 132 HM
1973 Don Zimmerman 138 1ST
1973 Larry Harkness 145 4TH
1973 Howard Johnson 167 2ND
1973 Scott Smith HWT SQ
1974 Don Hittenmiller 105 2ND
1974 Paul Viktora 112 3RD
1974 Jed Brown 126 3RD
1974 Dick Briggs 138 4TH
1974 Jim Comried 145 6TH
1974 Tom Sadler 155 SQ
1974 Cassim Igram 185 2ND
1975 Tom Chapman 105 5TH
1975 Jim Gallagher 112 SQ
1975 Jim Balvanz 119 SQ
1975 Jed Brown 132 3RD
1975 Jim Comried 145 1ST
1975 Tom Sadler 155 5TH
1975 Bruce Feuerhelm 167 4TH
1975 Dave Johnson 185 6TH
1975 Bob Jenkins HWT SQ
1976 Bob Gallagher 98 SQ
1976 Darryl Knox 105 HM
1976 Tom Chapman 112 2ND
1976 Scott Pospisil 138 6TH
1976 Kevin Christensen 145 SQ
1976 Dave Zimmerman 155 2ND
1977 Bob Gallagher 105 5TH
1977 Jerry Johnson 112 1ST
1977 Dave Edmunds 155 4TH
1978 Jon Russell 112 3RD
1978 Perry Harris 145 SQ
1979 Randy Krumm 98 6TH
1979 Jeff Visek 105 SQ
1979 Don Cook 126 SQ
1979 Dan Franklin 167 SQ
1980 Dean Miller 132 SQ
1980 Mike Johnson 167 5TH
1980 Joe Hill SUP HM
1981 Dean Miller 132 SQ
1981 Mike Johnson 155 1ST
1981 Jeff Roman 167 4TH
1981 Tom Fye SUP 5TH
1982 Justin Reinert 112 SQ
1982 Chris Chiccelly 126 HM
1982 Dean Miller 132 5TH
1982 Joe Hill SUP 3RD
1983 Jeff Miller 98 SQ
1983 Mike Potter 126 HM
1983 Scott Meier 138 SQ
1984 Dan Denlinger 132 SQ
1984 Jeff Knox 155 SQ
1985 Kelly Mihal 105 SQ
1985 Scott Mihal 112 4TH
1985 John Anderson 119 SQ
1985 Richard Neese 126 SQ
1985 Brian Bos 155 SQ
1985 Darrel Long 167 2ND
1986 Greg Garman 126 SQ
1986 Paul Arthurs 155 5TH
1986 Mark Hartman HWT SQ
1987 Brian Kuhlman 119 HM
1987 Vance Hikiji 126 SQ
1987 Greg Garman 132 2ND
1987 Dennis Dye 167 HM
1987 David Simmons 185 HM
1988 Jeff Karr 119 SQ
1988 Marc Chase 126 SQ
1988 Matt Orton 132 SQ
1988 Jeff McAllister 138 5TH
1988 Troy Sund 185 SQ
1988 David Quentin SUP HM
1989 Mike Waldron 103 SQ
1989 Marc Chase 119 1ST
1989 Jeff Karr 125 3RD
1989 Matt Orton 135 1ST
1989 Ed Burnell 140 SQ
1989 Bill Randall 160 SQ
1989 Trent Donels 171 HM
1989 Jeff Horak 189 SQ
1989 Rod Dennis 275 SQ
1990 Chad Gallagher 112 4TH
1990 Ali Igram 125 1ST
1990 Matt Ironside 130 5TH
1990 Jeremy Jones 135 SQ
1990 Ed Burnell 140 5TH
1990 Jeff Horak 189 1ST
1990 Mike Solberg 275 6TH
1991 Eric Baker 103 5TH
1991 Darrin O’Brien 112 6TH
1991 Mark Ironside 125 3RD
1991 Matt Ironside 135 1ST
1991 Anthony Johnson 152 HM
1991 Nathan Means 189 HM
1992 Eric Baker 103 4TH
1992 Darrin O’Brien 112 SQ
1992 Mark Ironside 130 1ST
1992 Travis Pike 145 HM
1992 Jarod Young 160 HM
1992 Josh Lathrop 171 5TH
1992 Brad Pike 275 4TH
1993 Jon Vlasek 103 3RD
1993 Ray Ratcliff 112 4TH
1993 George Horak 125 HM
1993 Mark Ironside 135 1ST
1993 Mark Pendergast 145 5TH
1993 Travis Pike 152 4TH
1993 Jarod Young 160 4TH
1993 Ron Gilson 171 HM
1994 Jeremey White 103 5TH
1994 Jon Vlasek 112 2ND
1994 A.J. Williams 119 6TH
1994 Jason Meier 135 5TH
1994 Travis Pike 152 1ST
1995 A.J. Williams 112 SQ
1995 Russ Tollefson 119 HM
1995 Jake Smithhart 140 HM
1996 Nick Bloxham 103 SQ
1996 Tim Ironside 119 HM
1996 Tom Eaton 145 HM
1996 Brian Newhard 152 HM
1996 Tracey Donels 160 SQ
1996 Dan Newhard 171 SQ
1996 Andy Evers 189 HM
1997 Tim Ironside 119 5TH
1997 Brett Richardson 125 HM
1997 Toronald Harris 135 1ST
1997 Dillon Kuda 140 SQ
1997 Ryan Roff 152 HM
1997 Tom Eaton 160 HM
1997 Dan Newhard 171 HM
1998 Mike Vagher 112 SQ
1998 Tim Ironside 130 1ST
1998 Jason Cole 140 HM
1998 Dillon Kuda 145 HM
1998 Kris Ehlinger 160 HM
1999 David Daly 103 SQ
1999 Mike Vagher 119 5TH
1999 Jason Cole 145 HM
1999 Clint Miller 152 HM
1999 Chris Buesing 189 SQ
2000 Brian McArtor 103 SQ
2000 Clint Miller 160 HM
2000 Brent Stepanek 171 SQ
2000 Chris Buesing 189 5TH
2001 Kyle Dean 145 SQ
2001 Brent Stepanek 171 HM
2001 David Aossey 215 HM
2002 Rob Olson 145 HM
2002 David Aossey 215 HM
2003 Tony Olson 103 SQ
2003 Blaine Beatty 119 HM
2003 Rob Olson 152 HM
2004 Tony Olson 103 SQ
2004 Blaine Beatty 125 8TH
2004 Denny Vorba 140 HM
2004 Caleb Moses 189 SQ
2006 Blaine Beatty 135 4th
2006 Grant Edwards 215 HM
2007 Cody Northern 215 HM
2008 Cody Northern 215 5TH
2008 Jason McCormick 160 8TH
2009 Jason McCormick 171 2ND
2009 Casey DeHoedt 189 8TH
2009 Michael Lindauer 145 SQ
2009 David Richards 215 SQ
2009 Vince Mulnix 135 SQ
2009 Blake Carson 119 SQ
2009 Brice Lukasko 112 SQ
2009 Dillon Wiegel 103 SQ
2010 Brice Lukasko 125 SQ
2010 Conner Herman 285 6th
2011 Conner Herman 215 1st
2011 Blake Carson 130 SQ
2011 Riley Welsh 189 SQ
2012 PJ Rashed 113 SQ
2013 Kyle Briggs 113 HM
2013 PJ Rashed 120 HM
2013 Drake Allen 182 SQ
2013 Michael Moncivais 132 6th
2014 Brenden Baker 106 3rd
2014 Kyle Briggs 120 7th
2014 Tavian Rashed 145 HM
2014 Kelly May 152 SQ
2014 Luke Sedlacek 160 SQ
2014 Josh Allen 182 HM
2014 Dalton Kuehl 285 HM
2015 Zach Main 106 SQ
2015 Brenden Baker 113 4th
2015 Joseph Sibomana 120 SQ
2015 Kyle Briggs 132 8th
2015 Tavian Rashed 152 SQ
2015 Luke Sedlacek 160 HM
2015 Kelly May 182 3rd
2015 Dalton Kuehl 285 2nd
2016 Joseph Sibomana 113 6th
2016 Brenden Baker 120 3rd
2016 Kyle Briggs 152 5th
2016 Nick Dreckman 182 HM
2017 Matt Culver 160 3rd
2017 Tavian Rashed 170 5th
2017 Zach Main 132 SQ
2018 Braxton Bolden 182