3A Bracket Breakdown

By G. Wyatt Schultz for The Predicament

Cullan Schriever of Mason City

Now the the state tournament is seeded you don't have quite the interesting matches in the first round the you would sometimes get.  We will try to give a breakdown by weight

Top Half - Our #3 Ethan Wood-Finley of City High gets the #1 seed. Ranked #3 he could face the winner of #9 Tanner Wink of Lewis Central and Jace Rhodes of Mason City.  Also on this side of the bracket is Brandon O'Brien of LinnMar.
Bottom Half - On the bottom half of the bracket is our #1 Trever Anderson of Ankeny and #2 ranked Aiden Riggins of Waverly-Shell Rock. Both of them have there only loss to Carter Fousek of Crestwood.  But both have beaten Fousek in return.  Also in this half is #6 Ryder Downey of Indianola and #7 Lane Cowell of Ft. Dodge.
WS Ethan Wood-Finley - Aiden Riggins  JT - Finley - Anderson

Top Half - Top ranked Drake Ayala of Ft Dodge is the #1 seed here.  He is a returning finalist losing to Cullan Schriever of Mason City in last years state tournament.  Ranked #2 and the 4th seed is Bailey Roybal of Waverly-Shell Rock. Roybals only two losses came at The Clash in Rochester, MN. Also in we have #9 Dawson Biermann of Western Dubuque vs #7 Jacob Penrith of Cedar Falls. Penrith is a two time place winner.  Thurman Christensen of Waukee, ranked #4 could meet Roybal in the quarterfinals.
Bottom Half - The Bottom half will have fifth ranked Devin Harmison of Southeast Polk as the #2 seed and a 4th place finisher a year ago.  Third ranked and third seed is Austin Kegley of Cedar Rapids Prairie. Kegley was an 8th place finisher last year.  Also is Grant Harbour of Norwalk
WS Drake Ayala-Devin Harmison  JT  Ayla - Austin Kegley

Top Half - Top ranked Cullan Schriever of Mason City is the #1 seed.  His only loss came at the Cheesehead in Wisconsin on an injury default.  He is a two time returning state champion trying to join the four time club.  Schriever will face #9 freshman Kael Scranton of Clear Creek Amana.  Also on this half bracket fourth ranked Aiden Evans of Bettendorf could face #5 Carson Taylor of Ft. Dodge in the Quarterfinals. Also #7 Keaton Moret of Norwalk is on this half.
Bottom Half - We have #2 Hunter Garvin Iowa City West and #3 Thomas Edwards of Johnston. The seeds are opposite of the rankings.  Hunter, winner of the Mississippi Valley Conference could face Nick Miller of Waukee who finished 3rd at the CIML tournament.  Third ranked Edwards, winner of the CIML could face Joel Jesuroga of Southeast Polk.  Ranked 8th and finishing 4th in the CIML. Edwards defeated Miller in the semifinals of the CIML.
WS - Cullan Schriever - Hunter Garvin  JT - Schriever - Garvin

Top Half - Caleb Rathjen of Ankeny is top ranked and the number one seed.  A runnerup last year, Rathjen will look to avenge the loss.  A quarterfinal match could have #3 Dylan Albrecht of Waverly-Shell Rock, winner of the Northeast Iowa Confernce and a two time state place winner, and Matthew Jordon of DM East. Ranked #7 Jordan place 5th at the CIML and also is a three time place winner.
Bottom Half - Winner of the Mississippi Athletic Conference Caleb McCabe of North Scott has a first round match with Chryshaun Taylor of Waterloo East. McCabe finished fourth a year ago and Taylor has been previously ranked.  Brooks Cowell of Ft. Dodge ranked ninth, could face returning state champion Nick Oldham of Valley, WDM in a quarterfinal match.  Oldham was a runnerup as a freshman, fifth as a sophomore and state champion as a junior. Rathjen has defeated Oldham 3 times this season.
WS - Caleb Rathjen - Nick Oldham   JT - Rathjen - Oldham

Top Half - Top Ranked and the number one seed, Ben Monroe of Ankeny Centennial suffered his first loss of the season at the regional duals.  Monroe is a two time runnerup and he doesn't have an easy trip.  He has #10 Michael Moore of DM North/Hoover in the first round.  Moore was a fourth place finisher at the CIML.  Monroes loss was to Caleb Helgeson of Johnston, who was a third place finisher at the CIML and finished 8th a year ago.  Helgeson will have the get by #2 Conrad Braswell of CR Prairie in the quarterfinals.  Winner of the Mississippi Valley Conference, Braswell is also a three time place winner.
Bottom Half - Joe Pins of Hempstead gets the number two seed.  A two time third place winner at state and a runnerup at the Mississippi Valley Conference will face Sam Kallem of Ankeny in the opening round.  Ranked #7, Kallem was the fifth place finisher at the CIML Tournament. It won't get any easier as he would face the winner between eighth ranked Christian Stanek of Xavier and ninth ranked Duncan Delzell of Burlington. Third ranked and the number three seed Brock Espalin and sixth ranked Evan Yant of Waverly-Shell Rock could possibly meet in a quarterfinal match. Yant finished sixth two years ago.
WS - Ben Monroe - Joe Pins   JT Monroe - Brock Espalin

Top Half - Interesting Bracket, the number one seed is Nathan Marchand of Southeast Polk, ranked fifth and finishing in fifth place at the CIML and place fifth at the state tournament last year.  In a first round match we have #6 Ian Heise of Waverly-Shell Rock and eighth ranked Graham Gambrall of Iowa City West.  Heise won the Northeast Iowa Conference and Gambrall won the Mississippi Valley Conference tournament.  The number five seed is the winner of the CIML and ranked number one Colby Schriever of Mason City.  He will face the runnerup of the Hawkeye Ten Conference and ranked number 10, Tanner Higgins of Lewis Central. The number four seed is Drevon Ross of Ft. Dodge who was the third place finisher at the CIML and a two time place winner.
Bottom Half - Third ranked and the number two seed is Eli Loyd of Pleasant Valley.  He was the winner of the Mississippi Athletic Conference and two time place winner and a runnerup last year.   He faces Derek Anderson of Ankeny who finished sixth at the CIML.  Cody Anderson of Waukee was the number 3 seed and ranked 2nd.  Anderson was a runnerup at the CIML, and a two time state place winner, and could face #7 Deven Strief of North Scott in a quarterfinal match. Strief was the runnerup behind Loyd at the Mississippi Athletic Conference Tournament.
WS - Colby Schriever - Eli Loyd   JT - Schriever - Loyd

Top Half - A finalist last year and top ranked Deville Dentis of DM East gets the top seed.  After a 6th place finish as a sophomore he may get the winner of sixth ranked Noah Cunningham of CR Kennedy and tenth ranked Nathan Wallace of Mount Pleasant. The other quarter bracket has 5th ranked Eric Owens of Ankeny Centennial vs Tyler Murphy of Mount Pleasant who is ranked eighth.  Seventh ranked Andrew Rohret of Clear Creek Amana is also in the mix. Rohret was the runnerup at the WaMaC tournament.
Bottom Half - Caleb Corbin of Valley WDM is the number 2 seed.  Ranked number 3, Corbin finished fourth a year ago.  Number nine Nick Bonanno of Indianola is a possible quarterfinal matchup.  Collin Lewis of North Scott is the number three seed.
WS - Deville Dentis - Collin Lewis  JT - Dentis - Lewis

Top Half - After a fifth place finish as a freshman and a pair of third place finishes, top seed and unbeaten Lance Runyon is making a run for a state title.  His first round match is with seventh ranked Owen Towers of Urbandale.  Runyon pinned Towers in the semifinals of the CIML tournament.  Third ranked Bryson Hervol of Waverly-Shell Rock faces ninth ranked Eilijah Demmer of Western Dubuque in an opening round match.  Hervol was a seventh place finisher a year ago.  Demmer was the runnerup at the MVC.
Bottom Half - Could be a quarterfinal match between sixth ranked Kyle Hefley of Iowa City City and Jake Matthaidess of North Scott. Both were Conference Champions. Maon Seifried of Waukee, ranked fourth, and Carter Schmidt of Norwalk could meet in the quarterfinals. Seifried lost to Runyon in the CIML finals and Schmidt lost to Runyon at districts. Schmidt was also a fourth place finisher a year ago.
WS - Lance Runyon - Carter Schmidt  JY - Runyon - Schmidt

Top Half - Cade DeVos of Southeast Polk  is top ranked and the number one seed. He is unbeaten but will have the MAC Champion Voyen Adamson of Bettendorf in the first round.  Also in that quarter bracket is number six Preston Terry of Burlington who was the runnerup at the MAC.  He will face ninth ranked Caleb Kingery of Lewis Central who was the runnerup at the Hawkeye Ten Conference tournament. Ninth ranked Like Fistler and tenth ranked Trever Maiers of Hempstead also meet in the first round.  Unranked Parker Klocke of Carroll gets the number three seed.
Bottom Half - Ranked third and the third seed, Ryker Kurimski of Western Dubuque could face fourth ranked Hayden Friedrichsen of Urbandale in a quarterfinal match.  Northeast Iowa Conference Champion Jacob Herrmann and  ranked number two gets the second seed. Like DeVos he is also unbeaten on the year. Kurimski was a 7th place finisher last year and Herrmann finished in fifth place.
WS - Cade DeVos - Jacob Herrmann  JT - DeVos - Herrmann

Top Half - Conference Rivals get the number one and two seeds in this bracket.  Top seed is Anthony Zach of Waukee. After a sixth place finish two years ago he was a runnerup last year.  He will face conference rival Arthur Sumie of DM North/Hoover in his first match.  Ninth ranked Kent Kragenbrink of Hempstead is also in this quarterbracket.  The bottom quarter has 5th ranked Jake Hosch of Western Dubuque against tenth ranked Brennan Meacham of e.  Blake Underwood of Valley WDM is the number three seed.
Bottom Half - MAC champion Will Jefferson of Bettendorf is the number three seed.  Ranked number four, he has back to back seventh place finishes.  Also in this quarter is Iowa City Libertys eighth ranked Ashton Barker. He is Liberty High Schools first state qualifier.  Logan Neils is ranked number two and gets the second seed and was second at the CIML to Zach of Waukee
WS - Anthony Zach - Logan Neils  JT - Zach Neils

Top Half - Top Ranked Jacob Wempen of LinnMar gets the top seed.  His only loss is from the Stewardville, MN tournament.  Wempen is the only returning place winner on this half of the bracket.  He finished 5th at 170 a year ago.  He would face #6 Taner Harvey of Boone in a quarterfinal match.  Fourth ranked Nic Leo of Ankeny Centennial takes on #9 Alex Blizzard of Bettendorf.  The winner here may face seventh ranked Will Hoeft of Iowa City West.
Bottom Half - The bottom half has a ranked wrestler in each quarter bracket.  Number two seed Devin Ludwig is second ranked.  He is a returning place winner and his only losses this year are to top ranked Jacob Wempen.  Destin Schroder of Newton is the other quarterfinalist coming in at number eight.  Brett Mower gets the number 3 seed. His quarterfinal matchup would be with Matthew Scott of DM East.  Mowers only losses are to Nebraska preps, one at the Council Bluffs Classic and one at the Jack Mendenhall in Ames.
WS - Jacob Wempen - Devin Ludwig  JT Wempen - Ludwig

Top Half - Top ranked Gabe Christenson of Southeast Polk gets the number one seed.  His only loss coming in the finals of The Cheesehead in Wisconsin.  His first round match features a rematch of the CIML finals in which he won by Tech Fall. Also in this quarter bracket is sixth ranked Sam Hayes of Ft. Madison.  The bottom quarter has number 3 seed Aaron Ungs of Storm Lake facing 10th ranked Jacob Byers of CB Thomas Jefferson.  The winner their could have 5th ranked Cade Parker of CR Kennedy.  Parker was the winner of the Mississippi Valley Conference tournament.
Bottom Half - The number two and three seeds are our two and three ranked wrestlers.  Brayden Wolf of Waverly-Shell Rock and Ashton Stoner-DeGroot respectively.  They were winners of the Northeast Iowa Conference and the Mississippi Valley Conference. Wolf would matchup with the winner of seventh ranked Javian Rolley of Johnston and Owen Dunne of Hempstead.  DeGroot would get the winner of Jaise Gulling of Newton and ninth ranked Dalton Sell of Muscatine.
WS - Gabe Christenson - Brayden Wolf    JT Christenson - Wolf

Top Half - The only returning place winner from a year ago is Beau Lombardi of Valley WDM.  Placing sixth a year ago, he gets the top seed.  Ranked number two,after dropping down from 285, Lombardi may get sixth ranked Zach Beason of Mount Pleasant in the quarterfinal finals.  In another interesting first round match fifth ranked Nate Heckart of Norwalk faces ninth ranked Landon Green of Iowa City West.  Heckart won the Little Hawkeye Conference and Green was a third place finisher in the MVC Tournament.
Bottom Half - Top ranked Cameron Baker of CB Thomas Jefferson is the number 2 seed and gets fourth ranked Tanner Schultz of LinnMar in a first round match.  Shane Mathias of Muscatine is also in the this quadrant. The number three seed is Cam Jones of CR Kennedy. He drew a first round match with Seventh ranked Kolob Runyon of Southeast Polk.
WS - Beau Lombardi - Cameron Baker  JT - Lombardi - Baker

Top Half - According to rankings this bracket is well split.  Josh Vis of CR Kennedy, gets the top seed. Vis was a seventh place finisher a year ago.  In a possible quarterfinal is sixth ranked manuel McGowan-Serrano of Muscatine.  The other quarterfinal bracket has fourth ranked Jacob Murry of Iowa City City High and Griffin Liddle of Bettendorf. Murry was a runnerup at the MVC while Liddle was the champion at the MAC Tournament. Liddle also was a fifth place finisher a year ago.
Bottom Half- Third ranked Andrew Snyder of Waverly-Shell Rock gets the number two seed while second ranked Troy Monahan gets the number 3 seed.  Snyder decisioned Monahan at the district tournament in Waverly.  Monahan was the winner of the CIML while Snyder won the NEIC.
WS - Josh Vis - Andrew Snyder  JT Liddle - Monahan