Rumble with emotion / competing with enthusiasm, instinct & imagination

By Mark Schwab


Competing with enthusiasm propels you to move forward with authority, in one direction, believing in one outcome.

Enthusiasm is spirit, animation, punchiness & stamina. Enthusiasm is the source of your intensity.

Wrestling is a feel sport; compete with instinct vs thought.

Thought is for training during the week. Competition is for instinct & simplicity.

You're at your best when competing with fire / enthusiasm & feel / instinct. When operating out of fire / feel, your movement, execution & temperament are in perfect harmony

So how do you get there; how do you compete with ENTHUSIASM? We're emotional beings; it's in our fabric.

1. Enthusiasm will be a by-product of your mental, physical & emotional investment. A heavy commitment & sacrifice, inspires, urges, stimulates & sustains enthusiasm. This allows you to go deep within where your real potency resides. 

2. Awareness & adjusting. Monitor your thoughts; thoughts dictate your feelings / emotions. If what you feel is more like dread, fear, negative, doubtful, anxiety, then you must change your input to constructive, belief, optimism, faith & certainty. If you're building castles / dreams, you need castle building material.

3. Imagination transcends former heights & drives passion & desire. Charge your imagination with enthusiasmGo there as much as you can. Imagination constantly in use, will be responded & followed with inner-most dynamism & doggedness.

Most focus on the physical aspect / training, very little mental but your Emotion / Enthusiasm is the fuel, energy, charge that you compete with. It's the belt that drives, moves and gives life. It's your furnace within.

Competing is a celebration - Make it pure JOY...

Rumble with emotion - Competing with enthusiasm & Simplicity.

These simple ingredients activate your complete effectiveness and capacity. This is where you deliver inspired performances. This is where your greatness is found.