Session 6 Notes: Class 1A-2A Semis

BY JIM THOMPSON for The Predicament

Session 6 Notes:  Class 1A Semifinals and Class 2A Semifinals

Top 5 Class 1A teams after the semifinals:

1st:   Don Bosco (133 pts) Bosco sends four to the finals, they have 5 in the consi semis, and one wrestling for 7th.  They have clinched the Traditional Team Crown.

2nd:   Underwood (88.5 pts) Underwood had a great round sending three to the finals.  They should break the 100 plateau in the finals Saturday night.

3rd:   Lisbon (87.5 pts) Lisbon will be in a battle to over take Underwood for the 2nd place team trophy.  They send three to the finals, but do not have much scoring potential in the 7th session tomorrow morning.

4th:   Denver (74 pts) Denver will try to cling to 4th but do have an outside shot to move up a spot and capture a team trophy.  They should come close to 100 points or just over that when the dust settles on the 7th session.

5th – West Sioux (70 pts) West Sioux could approach 90 points before all is said and done.  Adam Allard and Kory Van Oort will be gunning for state titles Saturday night.

*** Notable Class 1A Semifinal Bouts ***
106LBS:  #5 Marcel Lopez (New London) vs. #3 Damon Huston (Midland)

The match was tied at 3 apiece and headed to the tiebreaker series.  Lopez escaped with his choice.  Huston chose top and then cut Lopez to make it 5-3.  Huston was unable to score after.

152LBS:  #2 Kory Van Oort (West Sioux) vs. #7 Cade Tenold (Don Bosco)

Tenold led 3-2 late in the 3rd when Van Oort went for broke.  Van Oort with the takedown and 2 nearfall with under 10 seconds to go.  Tenold gained control at the end and was awarded a reversal to make the final 6-5

170LBS:  #2 Treyton Cacek (GTRA) vs. #3 Ethan Fulcher (Hudson)

Despite the low score, this was an excellent match.  The match came down to the tie breakers where Cacek earned an escape.  Fulcher claim really close to a reversal and the victory but ran out of time in the end.  2-1 Cacek onto the finals.

195LBS: #1 Zach Ryg (Central Springs) vs. #5 Logan Koedam (West Sioux)

Koedam had an excellent start to the match but Ryg was just too much in the end.  Ryg with the fall near the end of period 2.

Top 15 1A Teams thru the Semifinals

1 Don Bosco 133.0
2 Underwood 88.5
3 Lisbon 87.5
4 Denver 74.0
5 West Sioux, Hawarden 70.0
6 Woodbury Central 45.0
7 Missouri Valley 40.0
8 Central Springs 32.0
9 Logan-Magnolia 31.5
10 Cascade 31.0
10 GT-RA 31.0
10 Iowa Valley 31.0
13 Emmetsburg 30.0
14 Akron-Westfield 28.0
14 Alburnett 28.0



Top 5 Class 2A teams after the semifinals

1st:  West Delaware (56.5 Pts) The Hawks went 0-2 in the semis but have five wrestlers in the consi semis and a pair going for 7th.  They still have the most scoring potential of the field but any of the top 4 realistically have a chance to win the traditional team title.

2nd:  Union (54) Union got big points out of their 2 big guns but lost a couple key matches on the back side to keep them in 2nd.  They have 2 in the finals and 2 going for 7th.

3rd:  Solon (52.5) Solon landed one in the finals when Freshman Hayden Taylor stunned returning state champ Andrew Flora via tech fall.  They have two alive for 3rd place in the consi sems and 1 more going for 7th place.

4th:  Centerville (51) Centerville has been a 3 guy wrecking crew and that has not changed this week.  They will need some help if they are going to land a team trophy tomorrow night.

5th: Independence (49) Indee put one in the finals when Freshman Isaiah Weber decked 2nd Colby Lillegard of Bondurant Farrar.  They can do a little damage in the consi semis, but they will also need some help to remain in the top 5.

7th:  PCM (45.5) The Mustangs, like West Delaware have great scoring potential  in the morning session tomorrow with four guys gunning for up to 3rd place.  They could also score up to three points in a 7th place match.

*** Notable Class 2A Semifinal Bouts ***

106LBS:  #1 Keaton Zeimet (Central DeWitt) vs. #2 Blaine Frazier (Notre Dame-WBD)

Zeimet struck first, but Frazier answered with a huge 5 point move in the middle of the match.  Frazier with the 7-2 victory.

120LBS:  #4 Kaden Anderlik (Crestwood) vs. #1 Drake Doolittle (Webster City) Doolittle was extremely aggressive throughout the match and built his lead up to 7-1 before winning 8-3 at the end.

138LBS: #1 Jack Thomsen (Union) vs. #2 Kaleb Olejniczak (Perry)

The match was very well wrestled with each guy in on shots throughout the match.  They each earned an escape with their choice so the match went to sudden victory tied at 1.  Thomsen got in deep in SV and got the takedown to win 3-1.

145LBS: #2 Colby Tool (PCM) vs. #1 Joey Busse (Humboldt)

Busse lead with under 10 seconds to go in the match when Tool was awarded a takedown with 3 seconds on the clock.  Busse responded in overtime hitting a carry to win 4-2.

152LBS:  #2 Easton Graff of Sgt. Bluff Luton vs. #3 Kyler Rieck of Spirit Lake Park

Rieck survives the battle and will move on to make his 2nd finals appearance.  6-5 the final

Top 15 2A Teams thru the Semifinals


1 West Delaware 56.5
2 Union 54.5
3 Solon 52.5
4 Centerville 51.0
5 Independence 49.0
6 Clear Lake 48.5
7 PCM, Monroe 45.5
7 Spirit Lake Park 45.5
9 Sergeant Bluff-Luton 45.0
10 Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 41.0
11 West Liberty 39.0
12 Red Oak 38.5
13 Crestwood, Cresco 38.0
14 ADM, Adel 37.0
15 Webster City 36.0
15 Winterset 36.0