From the Publisher

Here we are at the end of the high school season!  We had our first seeded state tournament. I'm not sure how everyone liked it but the people I visited with had mixed reactions.  Just like the NCAA tournaments, nothing goes according to seed.  It was interesting and I'm not sure how it could be improved.  Maybe some tweaking here and there.  I did hear from a coach that normally goes to some early sessions that he didn't go this year because he didn't find any early round matches that interested him.

As always, or at least the last few years, we have done our picks of the Best of the Best for highs school.  It is interesting to put together and, of course, always creates debate on the picks.  We had a hard time coming up with captains for this years team and so we settled on Co-Captains.  There were lots of possibilities but we had to narrow it down somehow.  We also found it interesting and haven't checked, but thought this years freshman class was exceptional.  There were thirty-one freshman place winners with twelve freshman in the finals.  Carson Tenold of Don Bosco was the heaviest finalist at 160.  It will be interesting to see how this class does the next three years.

The NCAA college qualifiers have started and the Iowa Division I schools appear to be well represented.  Iowa State went from one qualifier a year ago to nine this season.  What a lift to that program.  It's going to be interesting to see how they do in the tournament. Speaking of the Division I's, in the next issue we will cover all of the national tournaments. We wanted to keep them all together in one issue.

You know, technology is great when you use it correctly or it serves your purpose.  But when that technology fails you, it really fails you.  I had the misfortune of a crash and burn of a hard drive.  It had all of, or a lot of the state tournament photos on it.  I lost a good portion of those photos.  Thankfully Ron and Lisa Tucker, the official photographers of the state tournament, came to the rescue.  I could at least get the Hall of Fame photos from them.  It's still very frustrating to lose those photos.  Especially the finals photos which I enjoy looking at myself, and I use them in the years to come.

Look for all the National tournaments in the next issue and as always.