Drew Foster Honored at Iowa Capital

By Nick Harvey UNI Sports Information

DES MOINES, Iowa – UNI’s 2019 NCAA national champion wrestler, Drew Foster, was honored by a joint resolution at the state capitol on Monday, April 1.

Foster started the day meeting with the UNI Executive Management Team where President Nook introduced the Foster and posed for pictures.

Once at the Capitol, Representative Bob Kressig led Foster, the UNI wrestling staff, and UNI Athletic Director David Harris on a tour of the building. Foster then stopped for a meeting with Iowa Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg.

Representative Bob Kressig and Representative Brian Best introduced Resolution No. 20 in the Iowa House before Senators Eric Giddens and Senator Craig Johnson introduced Senate Resolution No. 17, both congratulatory resolutions passed unanimously.

“Today was a great experience,” Foster said. “It was an honor to be asked to represent UNI at the capitol. I want to thank Representatives Kressig and Best and Senators Giddens and Johnson for the invitation. ”

Head coach Doug Schwab echoed Fosters’ thoughts.

“It was a great honor for Drew and the staff to be in Des Moines today. We appreciate the hospitality of the Mary Braun and Bob Kressig and we look forward to doing it again in the years to come.”

Foster won the individual championship at 184 after defeating Cornel’s Max Dean 6-4 with a takedown in the final 30 seconds of the match.