120 Best of the Best, Adam Allard of West Sioux, Hawarden

1.) Adam Allard- West Sioux (JR)
2.) Drake Doolittle- Webster City (SR)
3.) Dan Kimball- Don Bosco (SR)
4.) Carson Taylor- Fort Dodge (JR)
5.) Hunter Garvin- IC West (FR)
6.) Nathaniel Genobana- Centerville (SO)

* I realize that Allard has 1, maybe 2 HS losses from his Freshman year, but has anyone from Iowa ever beaten him in a HS sanctioned event? If someone from Iowa has beaten him, it is totally beyond me. The kid is on the path for #4 next year and considering the dominating fashion in which he’s dismembered his competition the past couple years, I think he will do it.

* Drake Doolittle ended his career as a 4 time placer, 2 time finalist and finally a state champ. If Aden Reeves’s season wasn’t cut short this year, Doolittle would have been in Aden’s state bracket 4 times… one of those matches a close finals match in 2017. One thing is for certain, Doolittle does not dodge anyone. He had one blip on his record this season and that was a loss to Thomas Edwards, a 2-3 time placer from Johnston who looked like he was on his way to carving his own state championship path around the time state arrived. He was pretty dominant this season and is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated wrestlers in the state.

* Dan Kimball finished with a remarkable career for a legendary program, Don Bosco, in which he placed 4th in 2017, 1st in 2018 and runner-up to Allard this year. Great wrestler who did it the right way…didn’t dodge anyone (Allard) and fought hard this year and ultimately fell short to a likely future 4 time state champion.

* Cullan Schriever injury aside (yes, we realize that Cullan beat Carson earlier in the season and that Cullan really is one of the best wrestlers to ever grace the mats at Wells Fargo in February)… However, Carson Taylor wrestled like a state champ at state this year and lo and behold, Carson Taylor is a state champ this year. Besides, 99.9% of state brackets do not include a Cullan Schriever type competitor as it is. To make things better for Taylor, in the finals, he avenged a loss from earlier in the season when he defeated Hunter Garvin 13-8. He placed 5th last year as a Sophomore. He is part of a great, homegrown program with Fort Dodge. The trajectory appears to be pointed upwards for Taylor and I would expect to continue watching him ride this wave.

* Hunter Garvin was one of the most impressive, dominant Freshmen this year. Which says a lot considering how good this Freshmen class was this year. He reminds me of how it was when CJ Ettelson hit the HS scene when he was a Freshman… came out and immediately began dismantling accomplished upperclassmen with an arsenal of fun moves that consisted of sending guys from their feet to their backs with funky looking moves. Had big wins over Carson Taylor, Nathan Kahoe, Aiden Evans, Jacob Penrith, Nick Miller, Thomas Edwards, Kael Scranton, Kaden Anderlik, etc. Sky is the limit.

* Nathaniel Genobana has now wrestled 2 full high school seasons and has wrestled in the state finals twice, placing 2ND both years. He’s hear to stay and I’d say he’s off to a good start that he will continue to build from.

* Obviously Aden Reeves from Albia would have likely made this list if he hadn’t gotten injured. He is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the state when healthy. Watch for him in the future at Iowa State!

* IN THE HUNT: Kaden Anderlik, from Crestwood placed 3rd in 2A and put together a season that included wins over Carson Taylor, Brock Beck from Grinnell, Mason Cleveland, Bryce Trees, Dylan Albrecht, etc. Aiden Evans from Bettendorf placed 3rd in 3A and had a nice season that included a huge win over Hunter Garvin, an avenged loss over Keaton Moret for 3rd and 4th and a big one against Thomas Edwards, who coming into state was looking unstoppable at 120 after winning a loaded CIML bracket. Edwards is also just right there… Casey Baker from I35 concluded a great career. Trey Lashbrook from AGWSR placed 3RD as a Sophomore at 1A 120, 5 spots up from placing 8th as a Freshman. Also watch for Keaton Moret from Norwalk.