Various Thoughts on the 2019 Best of the Best Rankings

By Joshua Swafford for The Predicament

National Champion Cullan Schriever

* The Predicament’s annual “Best of the Best” list was released a few weeks ago. Essentially, the Best of the Best is a set of weight by weight rankings of the top 6 wrestlers at each weight, regardless of class.  The list is a reflection of the cumulative votes of various Predicament staff members and not a reflection of one staff member’s opinion/vote.

* There are a few factors that are key in determining the this list. Some of the factors include these: 1.) Head to head competition, 2.) Performance during the season, 3.) Performance at the state tournament, etc.

* It should be noted that participation and final placing at this year’s state tournament are highly influential to this list, for if someone’s season was cut short for one reason or another or injury-plagued, that would be the only reason you may not see a certain wrestler’s name on the list.  Guys like Aden Reeves and Greg Hagan who were having dominant Senior seasons prior to their seasons being cut short probably would have made the list, had they wrestled at the state tournament.  Cullan Schriever from Mason City is an example of someone who likely would have placed higher than he did if he hadn’t suffered such a debilitating injury at the worst time, for let’s face it… The kid is one of the best technical wrestlers to ever grace the mats in Iowa High School wrestling history.  Cael Krueger from Denver is another kid who battled a terribly timed physical ailment that likely affected the outcome of his placing at state.  There are several I’m forgetting, I’m sure.

*  Offseason competition that has taken place after the tournament had no influence on the list, for a large percentage of these offseason tournaments took place after the Best of the Best list had been released.

* The random “thoughts” on each weight class are my own, and do not reflect those of any other Predicament staff member.

* Every year, “Captains” of the Best of the Best Team are selected. We did this for all 3 classes this year. The Captains for each class are essentially the guys who won the “Outstanding Wrestler” award for each class. They are determined via collaboration of The Predicament staff. I thought it would be fun to create highlight videos for each of this year’s Best of the Best Captains.  The Captains for the 2018-2019 class (as well as the link to their highlight videos) are: