285 Best of the Best, Spencer Trenary, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows

By Joshua Swafford for The Predicament

1.) Spencer Trenary- Clarion Goldfield-Dows
2.) Andrew Snyder- Waverly- Shell Rock
3.) Griffin Liddle- Bettendorf
4.) Josh Vis- CR Kennedy
5.) Arron Olson- Missouri Valley
6.) Derec Weyer- Harlan

* Spencer Trenary is a multi-national placer and a Fargo champ. He placed all 4 years in HS, all 4 times at 285 and wrestled in the finals twice…winning it this year. He only had a match or two this year where he even gave up a point. It was fantastic witnessing the sheer, unfiltered excitement of Trenary after he won state, for he is usually very reserved. This title meant the world to him and I couldn’t be happier for him. He beat tons of good kids this year from all classes. You can make a case for Trenary being the 2A captain this year and if Broderson weren’t in the mix, Trenary probably would have been named captain. Look for him to do great things at South Dakota State.

* Andrew Snyder won the weight (3A 285) that was the source of the majority of wrestling conversation this year due to the top 6-8 guys being so evenly matched. This weight was absolutely nuts this year. And Snyder was the most consistent out of all of them… he never had any of the head-scratching losses that some of the other guys had throughout the course of the season. For that reason, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that it ended up being Snyder who won the widely discussed 3A 285 lb gold this year. He has always been one of the best big guys in his grade.

* Griffin Liddle was a very frustrating kid to rank this year, for he took a couple losses early on in the year against guys I knew he could beat and then never had the chance to gain any ground with them for he wouldn’t see these guys again. It pained me to rank him 6th or 7th because of 1-2 losses that I knew he probably should have won and I knew that he would end up placing higher than where I had to rank him. And just like last year (he placed as a Freshman), he stepped it up in the postseason. His semis win over #1 ranked Josh Vis was very intense. It’s hard to believe, but this cat still has two more seasons of high school to wrestle. He is an extreme talent. A great technician as well as a great all -around athlete. He is one of the most highly touted football players in his grade and he is expected to be a no-brainer D1 recruit. It’s fun to think about what this weight may bring next year with Liddle and Josh Vis still in the mix. Look for Liddle to go on a rampage as an upperclassmen. This kid is capable of accomplishing anything…just a Sophomore.

* Arron Olson took some lumps in the regular season, but got it done when he had to at state this year by winning the 1A 285 lb. bracket. A great career for him.

* Derec Weyer placed 2nd at 2A 285. He beat some great guys this season, including one over 1A champ, Arron Olson. He did a great job this year.
champ. This kid had an amazing season and Upper Iowa got a good one there.

* Josh Vis was ranked #1 coming into the state tournament. He earned this by reeling in big wins over guys like Beau Lombardi, Dawson Sweet, Jacob Murry, Gabe Hayes, etc. He had one head-scratcher loss in the first tournament of the year, but came back strong and only lost to Trenary and Liddle in the semis at state following the loss to Trenary. The kid is fun to watch and it is awesome to think about the battles he and Liddle may have next year.

* Troy Monahan. I am going to be honest with you… I would have placed him at #5. He placed 4th at state, but I thought he deserved the #5 spot in the Best of the Best list, despite placing 4th. In my opinion, 3A 285 is a weight where you can make an exception to someone placing 4th and still cracking the top 5 Best of the Best, for that bracket would unravel differently every time they wrestled each other multiple times…and Monahan would be a major candidate to win it. He was ranked #1 for a while this season. Monahan won the Keith Young, which was a bracket that included #1, 2 and 3 in 3A and #2 and 3 in 1A. He got 3rd at the Cheesehead. He won the CIML in a bracket that included several state qualifiers and the 3A 220 champ. This kid had an amazing season and Upper Iowa got a good one there. On a sidenote, out of the 100 or so wrestlers I interviewed this year, no one was more nice and mannerly than Troy Monahan. He will be an easy kid to root for once he gets going at Upper Iowa.0

* I spoke to a lot of the 285 lbers this year and one thing that impressed me with this crop of kids is how outspoken they all seemed to be in regards to the respect they had for the wrestling skills of their opponents. This was a great year for 285 on several levels.