Senior Spotlight: Shane Mathias, Muscatine

By Joshua Swafford for The Predicament

When did you first start wrestling?

I started wrestling my sophomore year in high school. Garret Brunson, who was a senior at the time, got me started.
Do you have any family who wrestled before you? How did they do?
My dad wrestled in high school, I'm not too sure about the rest of my family.  Shane's father, Shane Mathias, was a state qualifier for Muscatine HS in 1995 at 189lbs.
Did you catch on to wrestling quickly or was it a gradual process?
I'd like to think I caught on pretty quickly, but I didn't really start understanding how to use different moves and wrestle in different positions until late junior year and all senior year. I'm still a student of the game and learning as much as I can. I feel a lot of my mistakes come from inexperience.
Have you wrestle with a club?
I never wrestled in a club before, but I think it would be super cool to wrestle so many different people, and I know I'd learn a ton.
What are a couple memorable moments from youth/JH wrestling?
I don't have any moments from when I was younger but the first memorable moment in my career as a wrestler would be my very first time wrestling varsity during Junior year. It was the CR J-Hawk tournament, and I place 6th. Still my favorite medal I've ever received.
Who were your wrestling heroes growing up?
When I first entered the world of wrestling I loved watching Kyle Snyder, J'den Cox, and Spencer Lee.
How did you finish at state tournaments in youth?
I didn't wrestle at the youth state tournament.
How did you finish at the state tournaments you wrestled in at the HS level?
Both times that I went to state I did not place.  Lost to Cameron Baker (CBTJ) in the quarters as a senior.  As a junior lost round one to Greg Hagan (DCWD) and lost to Beau Lombardi (VWDM) round two.
Was there ever a point in your career where you noticed yourself jumping levels and making huge strides?
Yes, towards the end of my Junior year in high school, I think I really made some big improvements with my wrestling. I also feel like I improved a lot my senior year as well.
Who were some of your toughest competitors in HS?
Some of the toughest competitors that I wrestled in high school would be Cameron Baker and Greg Hagan to name a couple, I know that there are many more guys out there, but those names really pop out in my mind.
Who did you have the best battles with?
 Dalton Sell (2x SQ at 195lbs).  I attribute a lot of my success to wrestling Dalton most days.
What are your wrestling goals now that you are moving on from high school?
My goals now are pretty much the same, and that is to be better than I was yesterday.
How would you describe your wrestling style? Who would you compare yourself to?
I really don't think I could compare myself to anyone. I really just like to try new moves and finding a different way to do stuff.
Do you have any regrets from wrestling or did you leave it all out there?
I really wish I would've attacked/shot more while I wrestled, I feel like that is something that really set me back. I also wish I would've trained harder in the off-season and while in season.
What other sports do you play and how have you done at them?
I played football all my life and while our team did not do well until our senior year, I thoroughly enjoyed all my years playing.
What are some of your hobbies besides wrestling? And what is a favortite moment?
Besides wrestling, I love to read and lifting weights. I mostly read in my free time a lot of the guys teased me for reading so much, especially when I did it before football games and wrestling matches.
What is your favorite high school wrestling memory?
I think the experience of the state tournament is always going to be a great memory. Other than State I'd have to say any tournament my senior year, the Fort Madison tournament in particular.
What is some of the best advice you ever received?
Some of the best advice that I have received is to never stop learning and always strive to be better than yesterday.
Do you have any advice for up and coming wrestlers?
My advice is you can never be good enough, always look for ways to be better.
Who were some of the most influential coaches you worked with at the youth and HS level?
Most coaches at Muscatine High School had an impact on me in some way or another, but to name a few Coach DJ Hawkins my lifting coach, Coach Joseph Kane the head wrestling coach, and coach Jacob Mueller the head football coach. All three of them are outstanding coaches and men that have taught me not only how to be a better athlete, but also how to be a good person and man. I can not express the gratitude I feel towards them for teaching me so much.
How proud were you to be part of such a respectable Muscatine squad?
I'm so proud to be apart of such a great group of guys (Brennan Broders, Dalton Sell, Brandon Bryant). The past wrestling season was definitely something that I'll never forget.
What are your college plans? Is wrestling in your future whether it be competing or coaching?
My college plans are to attend Simpson College in Indianola, IA and study Computer science. I also plan to wrestle at Simpson this upcoming fall.
What is the future outlook for Muscatine wrestling?
I think the future of Muscatine wrestling is really bright (Tim Nimely, Togeh Deseh, Carson Harder, Cedric Castillo, Jett Fridley, Mason Crabtree). I'm very excited to see Muscatine wrestling continue to grow and flourish. I see a lot of great things in the future for Muscatine wrestling.