From the Publisher

By G. Wyatt Schultz for The Predicament

From the Publisher

The Predicament is celebrating 50 years of covering wrestling in Iowa with the start of the 2019-2020 season!  In this issue, the original start up guy and owner John Doak, of Grundy Center, shares his story with us, and The Predicament reporter Rod Payne (Cedar Falls), weaves an interesting story from the conversation.  When I compare the publishing process and media accessability available now, to what the original founder had to go through in the early 1970's, well, let's just say the communication of information took a little longer.

The Predicament continues to bring wrestling fans unique stories and timely event coverage, with an emphasis on the "everyday" wrestler as well as the newsmakers.  We consistently have knowledgeable individuals on the front lines and behind the scenes, giving their time and talents to provide the most trustworthy and fair coverage of the sport in Iowa.

Coach Tom Danner (Western Dubuque) has helped The Predicament for a number of years.  He starts the first issue with an interview with Northern Iowa's football coach Mark Farley on wrestlers on the football team.

Check-out Coach Clint Koedam (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) discussion of women's wrestling in Iowa, and how to get it sanctioned.  It's a slow process which needs administrative and the general public support demonstrated to the Girls Athletic Union.

Also this year, Dr. Kevin Miller (Des Moines) focuses on the importance of nutrition for the athlete via monthly articles and seminars.

This year also marks the 20 plus years of doing high school rankings.  Mr. Jim Thompson (Wilton) and I started helping Ron & Diane Seaman (Emmetsburg) with The Predicament around 1996. Jim then started doing rankings about 1999-2000. This is one tough responsibility and Jim takes it seriously and is very thorough in his research.

A shout-out also goes out to Todd Hunt (Hiawatha) (huntwebinnovations) for his excellent assistance and knowledge with the print and digital layouts over the years.  He has such passion for the sport.

Mr. Josh Swafford (Mediapolis) has been a great source of insight with his involvement in introducing the "Senior Spotlight" element, and video interviews and highlight films.  As well as Past Rivalry articles.  He's been a strong presence and supporter of The Predicament message boards since the early 1990's.

Saving the best for the last is recognizing Mr. Matt Levins (Burlington Hawkeye) for his eight plus years of ideas and story lines to share with The Predicament readers.  His writing encompasses his support and passion for the personal stories shared with him on an almost daily basis.

This doesn't include all the countless people that have submitted articles and photos over the years.

The Predicaments 50 years existence has been made possible by the determination, grit and support of the wrestling community in Iowa.  This community showed and continues to give its support to those that are willing to keep the sport at the forefront.

As Always,

Let's Keep Wrestling on the Move.