Opportunities to Succeed

By Mark Schwab, Opportunities to Succeed

Mark Schwab

It must come from you

It's on you / Stack ‘em up

The price of greatness is Responsibility. 

If you avoid it, you'll strengthen it. If you confront it, you'll master it.

How much of competing is mental? How much time and effort do you focus on your mental & emotional climate? Most performance problems are mind & body not in tune. You train your muscles & body. You train technique, skills & yes, your mental climate benefits but there's much more potential if you'll focus within. There's no way to reach potential without the support of your mental / emotional climate & no way to reach greatness without body, mind, emotions in harmony & functioning on very high level. Most people overlook this & it's a colossal mistake. Most pay no attention to their mental / emotional climate, unless there's problems. The fact is, most are leaving feet & pounds of available potential untouched. If reaching potential & excellence are important to you, then read on. I've seen so many athletes gamble & lose because they didn't pay attention to the wobbly wheel under their own hat. Your opportunities are limited in life / athletics. The crumbs it calls for upfront, is nothing compared to the regret at the completion of your career.

Like anything worthwhile, maturing your mind & emotions must be worked at. This is about going beyond, going inward, investigating & identifying while creating awareness. You must slow the wheels within like never before. The calmer, cooler & composed you are, the slower the internal wheels. Unhurried wheels allow you to go deeper; the deeper, the more potential. The deepest well has yet to be dug.

If you make-up your mind, trust & commit, you will experience the benefits this doesn't necessarily guarantee you success but you will progress. If you straddle the fence, you get little to nothing. You're either in or out. There's nothing else - There's no genie lamp. There's no secrets, shortcuts or apps. Strengthening your mental & emotional climate, requires time, endurance, responsibility, consistency & your full attention and why it should. You have to pay the tole upfront. This is a law of life. I promise, if you're sincere, there will be the necessary hope to propel you forward & open doors you've never dreamed.

There's a major misunderstanding when it comes to progress, confidence, growth, change, etc. The greatest plans in life are grounded in simplicity but we as a person, tend to view simple concepts from a surface & shallow level, instead of enthusiasm, open-mind & ongoing commitment. We tend to rationalize & analyze things to death, instead of welcoming & accepting with eagerness, the opportunity to flourish.

Until we incorporate daily, whatever it is we want to manifest, we'll make little to no change or progress. Transformation takes conscious / intentional repeated behavior, until its habit and internalized.

The fact is, most of us don't stay with anything long enough to experience significant change & development. Much like a New Year resolution; we read a book, attend a seminar or begin a diet or workout plan, only to take-off in a dead sprint that quickly subsides going back to what's familiar, even when it's damaging.

Anything rewarding demands resolution. Whatever you want to come up first in thought, behavior & instinct, like reactions when competing, takes awareness and consistency. The current US / sub mind, will do everything it can to prevent change, even though it's beneficial. We become comfortable with defeating thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Our Sub-mind will come up with excuses, procrastinate & remain defiant. Why? The current you / sub-mind is comfortable & our survival instincts to protect our existing conditions, will heavily resist any shift or revision. This is why change is so difficult but not impossible. Knowing what's happening within & the challenges you'll encounter, helps tremendously. You'll notice when resistance sets in. They're just old / sub-mind programs that can be altered by CONSCIOUS / deliberate behavior. The reason positive change doesn't take, is because we're operating on superficial & an external level.

You have to give conscious attention, repetition, over and over to line-up with your sub-minds potential. You must purposely stimulate, encourage & reinforce your mind to CONSTANT RENEWAL of whatever thoughts, words, beliefs, behaviors you want internalized. You must impress on sub-mind with consistency, enthusiasm & sincere belief, if you want the real life experience. Remember, the law of the sub-mind accepts what's impressed upon it & what you consciously believe. It does not reason things out like your conscious mind. Once your sub-mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it for good or bad alike. So, the importance is in selecting, thoughts, ideas, behaviors that inspire, are healthy & positive. Your sub-mind is the seat of habit. Your thoughts, habits & behaviors, become your experience.

Progression & greatness is much like chopping through a large log with a small ax. Day in & day out, little by little, the transformation may seem nil or even non-existent but over time, the little by little adds up & becomes noticeable. You have to endure the early resistance of going back to what's been your normal / sub-conscious. Your progress does not have a holding-plan for you & you don't break even. If you take action one day but nothing the next, you’re back to zero. You have to string many days together. Forget about the destination; get lost & focus on the doing, the process. If you endure, you will get what you're looking for. Anything that grows fast, withers as fast & that which grows slow, endures. There's no fast tracking. The days will pass regardless & if you seize today, tomorrow, the next day, you'll progress. In my experience, you can actually FEEL gains rather quickly. The way you feel trumps your thoughts. Yes, they're connected but thoughts aren't necessarily true & often misleading but feelings are much more primal, accurate & possibility ridden.

The potential, experience & knowledge is only potential & remains dormant until put it into motion / emotion. This is insurance, precaution & forethought. This is giving yourself every opportunity to succeed. Many say they will do anything, leave no stone unturned, but really they only do what they are comfortable with & likely what they have always done, yet expecting different results. If you're going to be on earth anyway, just do it today & when tomorrow arrives, do it again. There's no magical seeds. Stack ‘em up.

In my experience, unless you embark on something that drives, motivates & excites you, you'll NEVER sustain. Most won't take action unless inspired or in enough pain; ENOUGH! Since we live mostly between these two extremes, we're half-hearted about most endeavors. Put down the electronics & figure out what really stirs at our core. Sadly, most people give way more time taking selfies than figuring out what really moves them & how to achieve it.

There are many levels of commitment in sports & life. Many are not driven enough to "pick up the tab" day after day. The beauty of investing within, is the quality of your entire life will benefit. This goes way beyond the score of a match. This could be one of the most powerful & beneficial challenges you ever embark on.

Far too many settle on so-so, caution & never reaching their promise. A very slapdash, timid, rattled & passive quality patch-job for their life. They allow rescue, never risking or progressing into uncertainty. They avoid the search, demands or defining moments that would allow for the promise awaiting for those who go to such lengths.

In the end, the experience is as meaningful as the achievement itself. Make up your mind. Make a decision, absolute, proactive, then you're the one who determines what happens next. Truthfully, until you submerge completely, you'll always have hesitancy. Allow yourself to experience abundance, wage war on mediocrity & you'll be inspired, free & thankful you did.

To go beyond who you are, you have to go beyond who you think you are. Until you go beyond what’s familiar & conventional, you're stranded & uncertain. It's really deciding if your life is meaningful enough. We actually choose to be a prisoner / keeping ourselves immobile & inactive. If you look closely, it's not the chains holding you; it's you holding the chains. You're the inmate & jailer at the same time. To go within is to go beyond; this is the beginning of waking up, reaching potential & inspired living.