Results of Concordia Open in Mequon, WI

OPEN - 125
1st Place - Mike Tortorice of UW-Whitewater
2nd Place - Joe Arroyo of UW-Parkside
3rd Place - Robbie Precin of North Central College
4th Place - Brady Kyner of Wartburg
5th Place - Lucas Schevikhoven of UW-Parkside
6th Place - Marco Padilla of Concordia
1st Place Match
Mike Tortorice (UW-Whitewater) won by major decision over Joe Arroyo (UW-Parkside) (Maj 12-2)
3rd Place Match
Robbie Precin (North Central College) won by decision over Brady Kyner (Wartburg) (Dec 13-11)
5th Place Match
Lucas Schevikhoven (UW-Parkside) won by decision over Marco Padilla (Concordia) (Dec 9-4)
Consolation 1st
Denis Murphy (UW-Oshkosh) won by decision over Luc Valdez (UW-Oshkosh) (Dec 9-2)

OPEN - 133
1st Place - Brennen Doebel of Wartburg
2nd Place - Airk Furseth of UW-Parkside
3rd Place - Ian Mullen of North Central College
4th Place - Josh Lawson of Elmhurst College
5th Place - Mason McMillen of Loras
6th Place - Owen McClave of Wartburg
1st Place Match
Brennen Doebel (Wartburg) won by fall over Airk Furseth (UW-Parkside) (Fall 2:35)
3rd Place Match
Ian Mullen (North Central College) won by decision over Josh Lawson (Elmhurst College) (Dec 6-5)
5th Place Match
Mason McMillen (Loras) won by medical forfeit over Owen McClave (Wartburg) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Joe Pins (Wartburg) won by tech fall over Mikael Kolosso (Lakeland) (TF 18-0)

OPEN - 141
1st Place - Hazen Rice of UW-Whitewater
2nd Place - Clint Lembeck of Loras
3rd Place - Zayren Terukina of Wartburg
4th Place - Owen Doster of Wabash
5th Place - Veliko Kochiu of Concordia
6th Place - Zach Stewart of Wartburg
1st Place Match
Hazen Rice (UW-Whitewater) won in sudden victory - 1 over Clint Lembeck (Loras) (SV-1 5-3)
3rd Place Match
Zayren Terukina (Wartburg) won by medical forfeit over Owen Doster (Wabash) (MFF)
5th Place Match
Veliko Kochiu (Concordia) won by fall over Zach Stewart (Wartburg) (Fall 2:17)
Consolation 1st
Tyler Fleetwood (Wartburg) won by decision over Andrew Poniatowski (Triton) (Dec 12-8)

OPEN - 149
1st Place - Brady Fritz of Wartburg
2nd Place - Jimmy McAuliffe of Elmhurst College
3rd Place - Nathan Smith of UW-Parkside
4th Place - Devin Tortorice of UW-Whitewater
5th Place - Alex Barr of Wabash
6th Place - Torry Early of UW-Parkside
1st Place Match
Brady Fritz (Wartburg) won by fall over Jimmy McAuliffe (Elmhurst College) (Fall 3:56)
3rd Place Match
Nathan Smith (UW-Parkside) won by decision over Devin Tortorice (UW-Whitewater) (Dec 5-3)
5th Place Match
Alex Barr (Wabash) won by fall over Torry Early (UW-Parkside) (Fall 4:00)
Consolation 1st
Colin Realboto (Unattached) won by medical forfeit over Ethan Harsted (Wheaton College) (MFF)

OPEN - 157
1st Place - Brandon Murray of Loras
2nd Place - Shea Hartzler of Wartburg
3rd Place - Tyler Zeman of Triton
4th Place - Ben Kasten of UW-Stevens Point
5th Place - Nathan Hensley of UW-Parkside
6th Place - Jake Polka of UW-Parkside
1st Place Match
Brandon Murray (Loras) won by decision over Shea Hartzler (Wartburg) (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Tyler Zeman (Triton) won by decision over Ben Kasten (UW-Stevens Point) (Dec 8-7)
5th Place Match
Nathan Hensley (UW-Parkside) won by medical forfeit over Jake Polka (UW-Parkside) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Matt Connolly (Loras) won by decision over Luke Smiley (UW-Stevens Point) (Dec 14-12)

OPEN - 165
1st Place - Kyle Hatch of Wabash
2nd Place - Max Forsyth of Wartburg
3rd Place - Shane Gantz of UW-Parkside
4th Place - Munkhtulga Zuunbayan of Harper college
5th Place - Ryder Sigler of UW-Whitewater
6th Place - Travis Willers of Loras
1st Place Match
Kyle Hatch (Wabash) won by decision over Max Forsyth (Wartburg) (Dec 2-0)
3rd Place Match
Shane Gantz (UW-Parkside) won by decision over Munkhtulga Zuunbayan (Harper college) (Dec 6-5)
5th Place Match
Ryder Sigler (UW-Whitewater) won by medical forfeit over Travis Willers (Loras) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Josh Te Stroete (Concordia) won by decision over Mike Bauman (UW-Oshkosh) (Dec 7-2)

OPEN - 174
1st Place - Kyle Briggs of Wartburg
2nd Place - Jarrit Shinhoster of UW-Whitewater
3rd Place - Paul Calo of Wartburg
4th Place - Jacob Krakow of Loras
5th Place - Cam Hayes of North Central College
6th Place - Thomas Sell of Wabash
1st Place Match
Kyle Briggs (Wartburg) won by medical forfeit over Jarrit Shinhoster (UW-Whitewater) (MFF)
3rd Place Match
Paul Calo (Wartburg) won by medical forfeit over Jacob Krakow (Loras) (MFF)
5th Place Match
Cam Hayes (North Central College) won by major decision over Thomas Sell (Wabash) (Maj 16-4)
Consolation 1st
Kirk Mommsen (Loras) won by fall over Hunter Harrison (Wheaton College) (Fall 3:43)

OPEN - 184
1st Place - Shane Liegel of Loras
2nd Place - Cody Baldridge of North Central College
3rd Place - Isaac Odell of Wheaton College
4th Place - Daylan Schurg of Wabash
5th Place - Derek Venteicher of Loras
6th Place - Dominic Gallo of Elmhurst College
1st Place Match
Shane Liegel (Loras) won in sudden victory - 1 over Cody Baldridge (North Central College) (SV-1 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Isaac Odell (Wheaton College) won by fall over Daylan Schurg (Wabash) (Fall 2:59)
5th Place Match
Derek Venteicher (Loras) won by medical forfeit over Dominic Gallo (Elmhurst College) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Colin Murphy (Loras) won by major decision over Sherman Dixon (UW-Parkside) (Maj 14-3)

OPEN - 197
1st Place - Guy Patron Jr. of Loras
2nd Place - Kobe Woods of Wartburg
3rd Place - Ben Bergen of North Central College
4th Place - Beau Yineman of Unattached
5th Place - Colten Cashmore of UW-Oshkosh
6th Place - Jerry Lipke of UW-Stevens Point
1st Place Match
Guy Patron Jr. (Loras) won by decision over Kobe Woods (Wartburg) (Dec 8-5)
3rd Place Match
Ben Bergen (North Central College) won by major decision over Beau Yineman (Unattached) (Maj 15-6)
5th Place Match
Colten Cashmore (UW-Oshkosh) won in sudden victory - 1 over Jerry Lipke (UW-Stevens Point) (SV-1 3-1)
Consolation 1st
Sean Kelly (Triton) won by decision over Demarco Lee (Harper college) (Dec 7-3)

OPEN - 285
1st Place - Wyatt Wriedt of Loras
2nd Place - Wade Ripple of Wabash
3rd Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place - Max Bishop of Wabash
4th Place - Isaiah McWilliams of Wabash
5th Place - Jacob Obst of Wabash
6th Place - Dylan Uzumecki of UW-Whitewater
1st Place Match
Wyatt Wriedt (Loras) won by medical forfeit over Wade Ripple (Wabash) (MFF)
3rd Place Match
Max Bishop (Wabash) and Isaiah McWilliams (Wabash) (DFF)
5th Place Match
Jacob Obst (Wabash) won by fall over Dylan Uzumecki (UW-Whitewater) (Fall 0:15)
Consolation 1st
Nick Sundberg (UW-Whitewater) won by decision over Eli Pannell (Wartburg) (Dec 3-0)