Results of the Chris Davis Invitational at Wapsie Valley

1  Nashua-Plainfield 190.5
2  Central Springs 181
3  South Winneshiek 137
4  North Linn 126.5
5  Oelwein 118
6  Eagle Grove 100
7  Wapsie Valley 89
8  Columbus Catholic 86
9  Anamosa 85.5
10  HLV, Victor 66
11  Riceville 59
12  Tripoli 48
13  Waukon 47
14  West Fork 34
15  Central City 13

1st Place - Garret Rinken of Nashua-Plainfield
2nd Place - Dawson Schmit of Wapsie Valley
3rd Place - Jakob Regan of Waukon
4th Place - Kaden Pritchard of Eagle Grove
5th Place - Gavin Reed of Columbus Catholic
6th Place - Rafe Arbegast of West Fork
1st Place Match
Garret Rinken (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-0, Fr. over Dawson Schmit (Wapsie Valley) 2-2, Fr. (Fall 5:58)
3rd Place Match
Jakob Regan (Waukon) 5-2, Fr. over Kaden Pritchard (Eagle Grove) 5-2, Fr. (MD 12-3)
5th Place Match
Gavin Reed (Columbus Catholic) 7-2, Fr. over Rafe Arbegast (West Fork) 3-3, Fr. (Fall 1:11)

1st Place - Jakob Whitinger of Nashua-Plainfield
2nd Place - Gabe Rolon of Eagle Grove
3rd Place - Cade Cook of North Linn
4th Place - Ethan Maldonado of South Winneshiek
5th Place - Tyson Gravel of Anamosa
6th Place - Kaden Garner of Central Springs
1st Place Match
Jakob Whitinger (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-0, Sr. over Gabe Rolon (Eagle Grove) 4-1, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (17-2))
3rd Place Match
Cade Cook (North Linn) 5-2, Jr. over Ethan Maldonado (South Winneshiek) 3-3, So. (Fall 4:54)
5th Place Match
Tyson Gravel (Anamosa) 1-2, Fr. over Kaden Garner (Central Springs) 3-4, Fr. (Fall 0:50)

1st Place - Clayton Mcdonough of Central Springs
2nd Place - Phillip French of South Winneshiek
3rd Place - Cael Bridgewater of North Linn
4th Place - Dustin Dawson of Eagle Grove
5th Place - Kendrick Huck of Nashua-Plainfield
1st Place Match
Clayton Mcdonough (Central Springs) 6-0, So. over Phillip French (South Winneshiek) 3-1, So. (Fall 5:49)
3rd Place Match
Cael Bridgewater (North Linn) 8-1, Fr. over Dustin Dawson (Eagle Grove) 2-4, Fr. (MD 18-4)

1st Place - Bryce Mcdonough of Central Springs
2nd Place - Trey Nelson of Nashua-Plainfield
3rd Place - Carsen Jeanes of Oelwein
4th Place - Ethan Kupka of HLV, Victor
5th Place - Kaden Bullerman of South Winneshiek
6th Place - Marcus Gibbs of Waukon
1st Place Match
Bryce Mcdonough (Central Springs) 6-1, So. over Trey Nelson (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-1, So. (Dec 6-2)
3rd Place Match
Carsen Jeanes (Oelwein) 4-3, Jr. over Ethan Kupka (HLV, Victor) 8-2, Jr. (Fall 1:39)
5th Place Match
Kaden Bullerman (South Winneshiek) 4-2, Fr. over Marcus Gibbs (Waukon) 2-6, Jr. (MD 8-0)

1st Place - Brock Mathers of Central Springs
2nd Place - Sam Hackett of Columbus Catholic
3rd Place - Blaine Baumgartner of North Linn
4th Place - Kyler Hackman of Nashua-Plainfield
5th Place - Chance Adams of South Winneshiek
6th Place - Sojidin Gulmamadov of Oelwein
1st Place Match
Brock Mathers (Central Springs) 7-0, So. over Sam Hackett (Columbus Catholic) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 7-0)
3rd Place Match
Blaine Baumgartner (North Linn) 4-3, So. over Kyler Hackman (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-2, Jr. (Dec 8-7)
5th Place Match
Chance Adams (South Winneshiek) 3-2, So. over Sojidin Gulmamadov (Oelwein) 5-3, Sr. (NC)

1st Place - Heath Moyer of North Linn
2nd Place - Mckade Munn of Nashua-Plainfield
3rd Place - Brady Benning of Wapsie Valley
4th Place - Andrew Roete of Oelwein
5th Place - Cole Silver of Central City
6th Place - Isaiah Hill of Riceville
1st Place Match
Heath Moyer (North Linn) 6-0, Sr. over Mckade Munn (Nashua-Plainfield) 5-2, So. (MD 20-7)
3rd Place Match
Brady Benning (Wapsie Valley) 4-3, Jr. over Andrew Roete (Oelwein) 5-3, Sr. (Fall 1:10)
5th Place Match
Cole Silver (Central City) 2-2, Jr. over Isaiah Hill (Riceville) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 2:50)

1st Place - Mark Dawson of Eagle Grove
2nd Place - Lawson Losee of Riceville
3rd Place - Curtis Schott of North Linn
4th Place - Devon Geiger of West Fork
5th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place - Tylen Hirsch of Wapsie Valley
6th Place - Lane Quandahl of South Winneshiek
1st Place Match
Mark Dawson (Eagle Grove) 6-0, Sr. over Lawson Losee (Riceville) 6-1, So. (Dec 1-0)
3rd Place Match
Curtis Schott (North Linn) 4-3, Jr. over Devon Geiger (West Fork) 6-2, Sr. (Dec 8-3)
5th Place Match
Lane Quandahl (South Winneshiek) 5-2, So. over Tylen Hirsch (Wapsie Valley) 2-3, Jr. (DFF)

1st Place - Shane Hillesheim of Nashua-Plainfield
2nd Place - Kaden Jacobsen of Central Springs
3rd Place - Sam Conway of South Winneshiek
4th Place - Austin Perry of Oelwein
5th Place - Lance Egan of Waukon
6th Place - Caden Hartz of Columbus Catholic
1st Place Match
Shane Hillesheim (Nashua-Plainfield) 9-0, Sr. over Kaden Jacobsen (Central Springs) 6-1, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Sam Conway (South Winneshiek) 3-1, So. over Austin Perry (Oelwein) 4-4, So. (Fall 2:15)
5th Place Match
Lance Egan (Waukon) 3-3, Sr. over Caden Hartz (Columbus Catholic) 4-7, So. (NC)

1st Place - Logan Hageman of South Winneshiek
2nd Place - Carson Hartz of Columbus Catholic
3rd Place - Brock Beesecker of Wapsie Valley
4th Place - Cael Brunner of Nashua-Plainfield
5th Place - Jarin Peyton of North Linn
6th Place - Dalton Lovell of Anamosa
1st Place Match
Logan Hageman (South Winneshiek) 4-1, So. over Carson Hartz (Columbus Catholic) 7-2, Fr. (Dec 12-9)
3rd Place Match
Brock Beesecker (Wapsie Valley) 3-1, Sr. over Cael Brunner (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-3, Jr. (Dec 9-4)
5th Place Match
Jarin Peyton (North Linn) 9-2, Fr. over Dalton Lovell (Anamosa) 2-3, Jr. (Fall 2:31)

1st Place - Nathan Keating of Anamosa
2nd Place - Max Howes of Central Springs
3rd Place - Marshall Oberbroeckling of Tripoli
4th Place - Tony Greve of South Winneshiek
5th Place - Alex Buser of Columbus Catholic
6th Place - Colton Roete of Oelwein
1st Place Match
Nathan Keating (Anamosa) 3-0, Jr. over Max Howes (Central Springs) 7-1, Sr. (MD 12-4)
3rd Place Match
Marshall Oberbroeckling (Tripoli) 4-2, Sr. over Tony Greve (South Winneshiek) 4-3, So. (MD 12-2)
5th Place Match
Alex Buser (Columbus Catholic) 3-8, Jr. over Colton Roete (Oelwein) 2-5, So. (Fall 3:15)

1st Place - Evan Kalainoff of Nashua-Plainfield
2nd Place - Blake Brocka of Tripoli
3rd Place - Isiah Morse of Wapsie Valley
4th Place - Ray Seidel of Columbus Catholic
5th Place - Benjamin Navratil of Central Springs
6th Place - Owen Rechkemmer of Oelwein
1st Place Match
Evan Kalainoff (Nashua-Plainfield) 8-1, Sr. over Blake Brocka (Tripoli) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Isiah Morse (Wapsie Valley) 4-2, Jr. over Ray Seidel (Columbus Catholic) 4-7, Sr. (Fall 3:49)
5th Place Match
Benjamin Navratil (Central Springs) 6-2, So. over Owen Rechkemmer (Oelwein) 3-4, Jr. (Fall 1:47)

1st Place - Caden Fontinel of HLV, Victor
2nd Place - Gage Voshell of Oelwein
3rd Place - Nathan Rechkemmer of North Linn
4th Place - Dalton Asche of Nashua-Plainfield
5th Place - Alex Shover of Anamosa
6th Place - Ethan Schellhorn of Tripoli
1st Place Match
Caden Fontinel (HLV, Victor) 8-1, Sr. over Gage Voshell (Oelwein) 5-1, Jr. (Fall 1:06)
3rd Place Match
Nathan Rechkemmer (North Linn) 8-3, Jr. over Dalton Asche (Nashua-Plainfield) 6-4, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:11 (17-2))
5th Place Match
Alex Shover (Anamosa) 2-2, So. over Ethan Schellhorn (Tripoli) 1-5, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place - Teddy Behrends of Central Springs
2nd Place - Joel Mendoza of Eagle Grove
3rd Place - Damon Meyer of South Winneshiek
4th Place - Cooper Smock of Oelwein
5th Place - Wes Minnaert of Anamosa
6th Place - Tanner Kiel of Waukon
1st Place Match
Teddy Behrends (Central Springs) 4-2, Sr. over Joel Mendoza (Eagle Grove) 4-1, Sr. (MD 12-2)
3rd Place Match
Damon Meyer (South Winneshiek) 5-1, Jr. over Cooper Smock (Oelwein) 4-3, Jr. (MD 11-1)
5th Place Match
Wes Minnaert (Anamosa) 1-2, Jr. over Tanner Kiel (Waukon) 0-3, Jr. (Dec 11-5)

1st Place - Chris Eastman of Riceville
2nd Place - Connor Andersen of Anamosa
3rd Place - Dalton Dewitt of Central Springs
4th Place - Kody Timm of HLV, Victor
5th Place - Levi Janssen of West Fork
6th Place - Peyton Larsen of Eagle Grove
1st Place Match
Chris Eastman (Riceville) 7-0, Sr. over Connor Andersen (Anamosa) 3-1, Jr. (Dec 1-0)
3rd Place Match
Dalton Dewitt (Central Springs) 4-3, Jr. over Kody Timm (HLV, Victor) 10-1, Sr. (NC)
5th Place Match
Levi Janssen (West Fork) 2-2, Jr. over Peyton Larsen (Eagle Grove) 2-5, So. (M. For.)