Damon Huston of Midland, Wyoming Question and Answer

By G. Wyatt Schultz for The Predicament

Do you have any family who wrestled before you? How did they do?
My dad and uncle wrestled in high school but it was kind of an extracurricular activity to them at the time.

Did you catch on to wrestling quickly or was it a gradual process?
Yes, I caught on rather quickly around the age of four.

Did you wrestle in a club growing up, and if you did, how would you describe your experience with the club?
Yes, I started at my school club at Midland, then started going to DC Elite in 3rd grade. It was a very fun experience because DC Elite traveled as a team to several duals. Also, both clubs helped me develop as a wrestler along with developing many friendships.

What are a couple memorable moments from youth/JH wrestling?
The most memorable moments are when i traveled to Tennessee for Team Iowa. Another memorable moment is when i won AAU State with my good friend Cayden Miller.

Who were your wrestling heroes growing up?
Our high school wrestling teams along with many Iowa wrestlers and Jordan Burroughs.

How did you finish at state tournaments as a youth?
I won Super Pee Wee State three times and won AAU State twice.

How did you finish at the state tournaments you wrestled in at the high school level?
My freshman year I lost to the state champ and runner-up at districts leaving me home. My sophomore year i placed third and my junior year i was a runner-up.

Was there ever a point in your career where you noticed yourself jumping levels and making improvements?
When i was younger I didn't really notice any huge jumps Ijust knew I was gradually improving. However when I got to high school I started to notice bigger jumps.

What happened in High school that you noticed large improvements?
I felt myself moving better in almost every position. I also started to notice gaps I created with different kids.

Who were some of your toughest competitors in high school?
Jaymus Wilson, Daniel Kimball, and Aidan "The Bernard Bulldog" Noonan.

Who did you have the best battles with?
I would have to go with Jaymus Wilson.

What is your favorite style of wrestling, Folkstyle, Freestyle or Greco-Roman?
Folkstyle, I feel that I am the best at folkstyle. I also enjoy the competitive nature of the folkstyle wrestling season.

How would you describe your wrestling style? Who would you compare yourself to?
Straight forward and high pace. I really don't compare myself to anybody.

What are your wrestling goals for the upcoming high school season?
Continuing to be the best version of myself and of course being a State Champ.

What are some of your favorite tournaments?
State, Super 32,and other national tournaments.

Do you have any regrets involving wrestling that you want to make up as a senior?
No, not really

What is it like when you get to go out in the Grand March at the state tournament?
It is hard to put into words but it is definitely a very exciting experience.

How has the coronavirus effected you? Your school? Your work outs? Your everyday life?
It made me take a pretty good break from wrestling but I continue to lift at home. It also stopped me from doing my normal activities and hanging out with my friends.

What other sports do you play and how have you done at them?
I play golf and last year I placed second at sectionals and our team made districts.

What are some of your hobbies besides wrestling? And what is a favorite memory?
Fishing, snowmobiling, and playing a few video games. My favorite memory is when I went to Wyoming on a snowmobile trip.

When you went on you snowmobile trip to Wyoming, who did you go with? Where in Wyoming did you stay?
I went with my uncle and many other friends. We stayed in the mountains in a very small town called Albany.

What is some of the best advice you ever received, and who gave you that advice?
My Dad and Dusty Coufal always said that extra work needs to be put in to succeed in the sport of wrestling.

Do you have any advice for up and coming wrestlers?
Enjoy it and appreciate the sport. The hard work will pay off.

Who were some of the most influential coaches you worked with?
Jay Borschel, Dusty Coufal, Johnny Siegel, Topher Carton, Jan Rosenberg, and my Dad.

What are your college plans? Is wrestling in your future, whether it be competing or coaching?
I plan to wrestle in college but I haven't decided where I want to go yet.