Question and Answer with Cole Clark, Lisbon

By G. Wyatt Schultz for The Predicament

When did you get started in wrestling?
I first started wrestling when I was in kindergarten.

Did you catch on to wrestling quickly or was it a gradual process?
It was a very gradual process that took a lot of practice.

Did you wrestle in a club growing up, and if you did, how would you describe your experience with the club?
I wrestled with Lisbon MatPack growing up and it definitely helped me to get used to competitions and wrestling with a team.

What are a couple memorable moments from youth or junior high wrestling?
In sixth grade I only lost three matches and won every tournament except the state tournament.

Who were your wrestling heroes growing up?
My wrestling heroes were my dad, Jeff and Jordan Burroughs.

How did you finish at state tournaments as a youth?
I only went to state twice, in sixth grade I placed 6th, and in 8th grade I placed 7th.

Was there ever a point in your career where you noticed yourself jumping levels and making improvements?
Yes my sophomore year I started putting in a lot more time and I started to beat some ranked wrestlers.

You are a two time place winner and Lisbon has won four state titles in the last four years, (individual and dual), what's it like to be on a team like this?
It is really great because everyone is always working hard, even if they aren’t the best wrestler, because they know the team needs them still.

Who were some of your toughest competitors in high school?
Tate Hagen, Thomas Even, and Quayin Short.

Who did you have the best battles with?
I had the best battles with Thomas Even.

What is your favorite style of wrestling: Folkstyle, Freestyle or Greco-Roman?
My favorite style is folkstyle.

What are your wrestling goals for the upcoming high school season?
Win an individual state title, and a team traditional and dual title.

What are some of your favorite tournaments?
The state tournament and the Tripoli tournament.

Do you like individual tournament or dual tournaments?
I like individual tournaments better because I grew up only going to those tournaments, but I do enjoy dual tournaments as well.

What is the Grand March like?
The grand march is so cool. It’s cool to see Wells Fargo full of people when you walk through the tunnel and it is just an amazing atmosphere.

How would you describe your wrestling style? Who would you compare yourself to?
Well I try to tire out my opponent and break them by taking them down and letting them up and turning them.

With Lisbon's rich wrestling tradition, and the coaches that are in the room, what are the practices like?
The practices are very beneficial because we learn a lot with so many coaches and when we go live sometimes the coaches will go with us. The practices are pretty hard, but Coach Smith knows what he’s doing.

Do you have any regrets involving wrestling that you want to make up as a senior?
Not winning state.

What other sports do you play and how have you done at them?
I play football and run track too. This year in football I got first Team All-Conference and third Team-All State for linebacker.

What are some of your hobbies besides wrestling? And what is a favorite memory?
I like to lift, play football, hunt, fish, and hangout with friends. A favorite memory would have to be playing football with friends and wrestling teammates.

What is some of the best advice you ever received, and who gave you that advice?
Always work hard no matter what. My dad (Jeff) told me that.

Obviously, Lisbon has a great history. Who were some of the most influential coaches you worked with?
My dad, Tait Simpson, Brian Hall, and Joe Kilburg.

Everyone is different, does your father, a former Lisbon state champion, work with you on various things or does he let the other coaches work with you?
He works with me the majority of the time, but he also lets other coaches work with me too.

What are your college plans? Is wrestling in your future, whether it be competing or coaching?
I plan to go to college and play football and later on I hope to do some coaching for wrestling and football.