Results from Midwest Mat of Dreams HS Girls Preseason Dual

All the girls from the Iowa teams

Pool A HS Results
1st Place - Texas Purple
2nd Place - Wisconsin Black
3rd Place - Minnesota Red
4th Place - FEWTeamIowa
5th Place - Nebraska
6th Place - Iowa West 2
Round 1
Texas Purple defeated Iowa West 2 60-0.
Wisconsin Black defeated FEWTeamIowa 36-24.
Minnesota Red defeated Nebraska 34-17.
Round 2
Minnesota Red defeated Texas Purple 28-27.
FEWTeamIowa defeated Nebraska 36-24.
Wisconsin Black defeated Iowa West 2 47-12.
Round 3
Texas Purple defeated Nebraska 36-20.
FEWTeamIowa defeated Iowa West 2 42-18.
Wisconsin Black defeated Minnesota Red 32-24.
Round 4
Texas Purple defeated Wisconsin Black 31-21.
Minnesota Red defeated FEWTeamIowa 41-18.
Nebraska defeated Iowa West 2 40-12.
Round 5
Texas Purple defeated FEWTeamIowa 44-12.
Wisconsin Black defeated Nebraska 38-18.
Minnesota Red defeated Iowa West 2 48-12.

Pool B HS Results
1st Place - Indiana
2nd Place - Potentially Dangerous (IA East)
3rd Place - Wisconsin Red
4th Place - Texas Pink
5th Place - Minnesota Blue
6th Place - IowaWest
Round 1
Wisconsin Red defeated Minnesota Blue 36-18.
Indiana defeated Potentially Dangerous (IA East) 41-13.
Texas Pink defeated IowaWest 30-28.
Round 2
Wisconsin Red defeated IowaWest 36-22.
Potentially Dangerous (IA East) defeated Texas Pink 54-6.
Indiana defeated Minnesota Blue 42-18.
Round 3
Wisconsin Red defeated Texas Pink 45-12.
Potentially Dangerous (IA East) defeated Minnesota Blue 40-12.
Indiana defeated IowaWest 45-10.
Round 4
Indiana defeated Wisconsin Red 36-24.
Potentially Dangerous (IA East) defeated IowaWest 48-12.
Texas Pink defeated Minnesota Blue 24-22.
Round 5
Potentially Dangerous (IA East) defeated Wisconsin Red 30-24.
Indiana defeated Texas Pink 38-9.
Minnesota Blue defeated IowaWest 30-24.

Bronze Results
1st Place - Nebraska
2nd Place - Minnesota Blue
3rd Place - IowaWest
4th Place - Iowa West 2
1st Place Match
Nebraska defeated Minnesota Blue 36-12.
3rd Place Match
IowaWest defeated Iowa West 2 30-24.

Silver Results
1st Place - Wisconsin Red
2nd Place - Minnesota Red
3rd Place - FEWTeamIowa
4th Place - Texas Pink
1st Place Match
Wisconsin Red defeated Minnesota Red 30-30.
3rd Place Match
FEWTeamIowa defeated Texas Pink 42-16.

Gold Results
1st Place - Wisconsin Black
2nd Place - Texas Purple
3rd Place - Indiana
4th Place - Potentially Dangerous (IA East)
1st Place Match
Wisconsin Black defeated Texas Purple 37-18.
3rd Place Match
Indiana defeated Potentially Dangerous (IA East) 36-18.