The Top 10 Characteristics of Coachable People

By Nancy Justis, Outlier Creative Solutions
The Top 10 Characteristics of Coachable People
The text from a division one basketball coach arrived on my phone and it was a simple question: "Hey Coach O, how would you define 'coachable'?"

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of all elite performers in sport, business or life is the ability to be coachable. The dictionary defines coachable as the capability of being easily taught and trained to do something better. The definition I have used over the years is a bit more involved. If you are coachable, your are hungry to grow and get better and more importantly, open to asking for and receiving feedback. You enjoy looking inward at how you can move forward, and to you, growth is like oxygen. Lastly, coachable people don't take things personally or as a criticism, instead they see it as an opportunity, and they obey with immediacy and a smile on their face.

Are You Coachable
By that definition, are your employees coachable?
By that definition, are your players coachable?
By that definition, are your kids coachable?
By that definition, are you and I coachable?

"If you don't have a reputation as having a coachable spirit, you're done."
-The Greatest Motivational Tool

Top 10 Checklist of Coachable People

  1. A insatiable desire to get better
  2. A strong tolerance for discomfort
  3. An openness for experimentation
  4. A willingness to take ownership and responsibility
  5. The ability to mentally get outside the box (to do) and be unconventional
  6. The agility to change your habits and increase self discipline
  7. The capacity to give grace and forgiveness to yourself and others
  8. The ability to be vulnerable, ask for help, and not always have to be right
  9. The courage to receive feedback and truth on your behavior and act on it
  10. The maturity and wisdom to know you have blind spots and the constant need to expose and improve them