Noonan wins third title

By Jeff Budlong for The Predicament

Cascade's Aidan Noonan was able to control his match with Underwood's Gable Porter to earn his third state title 6-2 at 132 pounds.

"It's awesome to close out my career like that and end it on such a high note," he said. "It was what I wanted to do. I stayed focused. 

"This year was so much different than last year because I was the guy getting chased instead of going after guys, so I had to make sure I was straight-minded all of the time and stay focused on what my goal was."

A year ago, it was Noonan, who will wrestle at Wyoming in college, keeping West Sioux's Adam Allard from winning his fourth state title, and he downed Woodbury Central's Beau Klingensmith as a sophomore for his first title.

"That's what we look for, good competition to push myself to see what I really can do," Noonan said. "It really helps. Then I can chase those guys and it makes my goals even higher. Obviously the goals are to always be the best. If the best guys are that good, you have to push yourself that much more to get better than them. It really helped."

Porter won a state title as a freshman, but made the jump to 132 pounds from 113 in season this year.