Junior Freestyle Results for Session IV at Junior Nationals

Heading into the final session of Tuesday starting at 1:00 PM, Iowa will have 13 place winners. 7th Place Matches 100 Kael Brisker 145 Cade Devos 285 Spencer Trenary 5th Place Matches 170 Ben Sarasin 195 Tyrell Gordon 3rd Place Matches 120 Kyle Biscoglia 145 Michael Blockhus 160 Nelson Brands 220 Boone Mcdermott 285 John [Read More]

Junior Freestyle Results for Session III at Junior Nationals

Iowa will have four semifinalists in 113 Cullen Schriever, 120 Aden Reeves and Kyle Biscoglia and 182 Joel Shapiro. There are 13 left in the consolation brackets.  Session IV starts at 5:00PM Monday with finals scheduled for 1:00PM Tuesday. 113 Cullan Schriever (Iowa) VSU1 Nick Onea (Pennsylvania), 11-1 4:44 120 Aden Reeves (Iowa) VPO1 Angelo Rini (Ohio), [Read More]

Day one Results of Junior Freestyle

Twenty still competing on the Championship side of the bracket with 14 still competing on the Consolation side. 106 Ethan Wood-finley (Iowa) VSU Blake Van laar (California), 10-0 1:27 113 Carson Taylor (Iowa) VSU Michael Majerus (Minnesota), 10-0 2:00 113 Jordan Titus (New York) VSU Devin Harmison (Iowa), 10-0 2:48 120 Nicolas Botello (Massachusetts) VPO1 Adam Allard (Iowa), 6-1 [Read More]

Cadet Womens Freestyle Tournament Results

5th Place Match – Jayden Bentley (Iowa) VSU Khaila Hughes (Illinois), 12-0 3:29 Consolation Semifinals – Tiffani Baublitz (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Jayden Bentley (Iowa), 5-2 Semifinals –  Nevaeh Cassidy (Washington) VFA Jayden Bentley (Iowa), 13-12 4:57 Quarterfinals – Jayden Bentley (Iowa) VSU1 Jaleena Graham (South Carolina), 17-4 2:11 Rd of 16 – Jayden Bentley (Iowa) VPO1 Tiffani [Read More]

Cadet Freestyle Results from Session III and IV

Iowa has five cadet All-Americans. In the Championship matches it will be, 94 Carter Fousek vs Maxximus Martinez (California)  120 Caleb Rathjen vs Jesse Ybarra (Arizona) Brandon O’brien, Drake Ayala, Sage Walker will all be wrestling in the consolation Semifinals 94 Carter Fousek (Iowa) VSU1 Reid Nelson (Minnesota), 12-2 1:56 106 Nicolar Rivera (Wisconsin) VSU Drake Ayala (Iowa), 11-0 1:48 [Read More]

Session II results from Cadet Freestyle in Fargo, ND

Iowa Cadet Freestyle team has 17 remaining heading into Sundays Session III.  Five in the Quarterfinals and 12 in the consolation Brackets.  In the Quarterfinals are 88 Brandon O’Brien, 94 Carter Fousek, 106 Drake Ayala, 126 Caleb Rathjen & 170 Sage Walker. 88 Brandon O`brien (Iowa) VSU William Miller (Michigan), 10-0 2:05 88 Mason Gehloff (Minnesota) VSU Camron [Read More]

Session I Results for Iowa Cadet Freestyle

106 Stevie Barnes (Iowa) VFA Jeremy Bockert (Alaska), 8-0 1:23 113 Beau Klingensmith (Iowa) VSU Christian Solomon (Oregon), 10-0 0:43 113 Hunter Garvin (Iowa) VSU Kolby Heinz (Wisconsin), 10-0 0:32 113 Hagen Heistand (Iowa) VPO1 Hunter Mitchell (Idaho), 9-6 113 Hayden Taylor (Iowa) VSU1 Alex Logsdon (Alaska), 13-3 3:04 120 Averee Abben (Iowa) VSU Ty Moose (Arkansas), 10-0 1:39 120 Amonn Ohl [Read More]

Adam Coon and Cliff Keen Athletic reach endorsement agreement

Cliff Keen Athletic has entered into a marketing and athlete endorsement deal with United States Men’s 130 KG Greco Roman and 125 KG Freestyle Wrestler Adam Coon. Adam joins Cliff Keen after his impressive performance at the recent U.S. World Team Trials and Final X, where he captured first place in Greco Roman, defeating 2016 [Read More]

The Mindset of Confidence

“Confidence is simply that spiritual space where you feel free to focus on only those things you can control.” – Jerry Lynch, The Way of a Champion When I was a younger athlete, I believed that my accomplishments would lead to confidence.  That if I did this or accomplished that, I’d walk around with confidence all the time. [Read More]

Symptoms of heat illnesses for youth athletes

We’re in the midst of another go-round of excessive heat and humidity, with temps hovering around the mid- to upper 90s and humidity numbers rising to the uncomfortable category. Youth sports don’t go on hiatus during the summer. Practices, training and games go on. According to all the experts, young athletes face a higher risk [Read More]