Mango brothers teach life lessons in Burlington

Spenser and Ryan Mango know all too well the virtue of perseverance, how to overcome obstacles and still find a way to succeed. The image is etched in Spenser Mango’s mind, a picture he will never forget. He was in kindergarten and his mother, Deborah, held him up to the casket. Inside was the corpse [Read More]

Iowa Red finishes in Seventh place in Gold/Silver Bracket

Illinois defeated Iowa Red 49-15 100 – Daniel Kimball (Iowa Red) over Austin Nash (Illinois) Dec 8-7 106 – Dylan Ragusin (Illinois) over Jarod Kadel (Iowa Red) TF 10-0 113 – Anthony Molton (Illinois) over Aden Reeves (Iowa Red) Fall 2:47 120 – Joseph Melendez (Illinois) over Bryce West (Iowa Red) TF 13-3 126 – [Read More]

Iowa Blue Finished in first place in the Green/Yellow Bracket

Iowa Blue defeated North Dakota Red 61-8 100 – Devin Harminson (Iowa Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 106 – Aiden Evans (Iowa Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 113 – Kyle Biscoglia (Iowa Blue) over Devin Schulz (North Dakota Red) TF 10-0 120 – Preston Fettig (North Dakota Red) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 126 – Brady [Read More]

Iowa Blue Finished In 7th in Pool D will wrestle in the Yellow/Green Bracket

Quarterfinal: Ohio defeated Iowa Blue 52-12 160 – Jaden Mattox (Ohio) over Carter Rohweder (Iowa Blue) TF 10-0 170 – Colt Yinger (Ohio) over Thaddeus Breitsprecker (Iowa Blue) TF 10-0 182 – JT Brown (Ohio) over Gavin Babcock (Iowa Blue) TF 10-0 195 – Kaleb Reeves (Iowa Blue) over Anthony Perrine (Ohio) Dec 14-14 220 [Read More]

Iowa Lineups for the Junior National Duals Freestyle

Iowa Blue Team Members 100 Harminson, Devin 106 Evans, Aiden 113 Biscoglia, Kyle 126 Kyner, Brady 132 Tibbits, Josh 138 Green, Killyan 145 Murphy, Tyler 145 Holschlog, Derek 152 Thompson, Garret 160 Rohweder, Carter 170 Breitsprecker, Thaddeus 182 Babcock, Gavin 195 Reeves, Kaleb 220 Snow, Guy 285 Trenary, Spencer Iowa Red Team Members 100 Kimball, [Read More]

IN BRONZE/COPPER Bracket – Iowa Blue Finished in 2nd Place

BRONZE/COPPER – Iowa Blue Finished in 2nd Place Iowa Blue defeated Minnesota Red 35-30 152 – Sam Nordquist (Minnesota Red) over Garret Thompson (Iowa Blue) Fall 1:29 160 – Carter Rohweder (Iowa Blue) over Jacob Tvinnereim (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0 170 – Zachary Peterson (Minnesota Red) over Thaddeus Breitsprecker (Iowa Blue) TF 12-2 182 – [Read More]

Perry ready to help Iowa return to the top

IOWA CITY — Mark Perry was looking for the next challenge in wrestling. He is returning to his roots do do just that. Perry last month accepted the position as head coach of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club, and now has big plans to take the club, and the Iowa wrestling team, back to the top [Read More]

Iowa finishes 3rd in Pool, in Bronze/Copper Bracket

Iowa finishes 3rd in Pool Heads to the Bronze/Copper bracket. Up first is Minnesota Red Quarterfinal: Iowa Blue defeated South Carolina 57-12 126 – Brady Kyner (Iowa Blue) over Bo Wooten (South Carolina) TF 14-4 132 – Trevor Mansfield (South Carolina) over Drew West (Iowa Blue) Dec 11-2 138 – Killyan Green (Iowa Blue) over Dylan [Read More]