Mental Toughness

  Everyone who has ever been involved in wrestling can agree on one thing, IT IS TOUGH! At four years old, I was introduced to the sport. Wrestling room in our basement, older brothers using me as a practice dummy, and a Dad giving us weekly practices. I learned fast it was a tough sport. [Read More]

Mike McGrath, POW, Air Force Academy

Navy Capt (ret) Mike McGrath shares his account of being a Prisoner of War during the Vietnam War and the resiliency it took to endure the 6 year imprisonment.  

Interview with Air Force Academy Head Coach Sam Barber

Interview with Sam Barber of the Air Force Academy. He was formerly head coach at Upper Iowa in Fayette and the head coach at Augsburg in Minnesota. He also at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  

Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals

Brian Keck tragically passed away at the age 48 during a trip to Mexico in November, 2019. Keck worked with USA Wrestling to found the Preseason Nationals in 2008, a major early season national folkstyle wrestling event for athletes of all ages. The first event was held in Des Moines, then spent nine years in Cedar [Read More]

Carr Family Induction at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum

Sandy Stevens introduced the Carr Family.  Nate Carr accepted for the family. The Carr Family, which included nine boys and seven girls, received the Bowlsby Family Legacy Award, on Saturday. Every boy in the family (Willie, Fletcher, Joe, Jimmy, Jerry, Nate, Solomon, Michael and Mark) wrestled and Fletcher, Joe, Jimmy, Nate and Michael earned All-America [Read More]