How Participation Trophies Are Making Our Kids Soft

“There are no points for second place.” Those words may fly at elite military institutions like Top GunOpens a New Window., in moments winning can mean the difference between life and death, but it is not the case in youth sports leagues across America, where kids get points for coming in first, last, and everyplace in-between. A product [Read More]

Summit Spotlights Urgency of Solving The Problems Plaguing Youth Sports

The Aspen Institute held its fifth annual Project Play Summit earlier this month in Detroit, Michigan. I was lucky to join more than 500 thought leaders in the worlds of sports and health for two days of thought-provoking panels and breakout sessions. Panelists addressed many of the key issues in youth sports while also offering [Read More]

Sesker Slant: Random Thoughts as Winter Approaches

It is exciting to see 50 years of The Predicament being celebrated. It brings back an abundance of fond memories for me. My parents bought a subscription to the magazine when I first started wrestling in the late 1970s. I remember battling my two brothers to be the first to read the newest issue when [Read More]

Senior Spotlight: James Edwards, Johnston

Senior Spotlight: James Edwards, Johnston When did you start wrestling? Who introduced you to the sport? I started in kindergarten because Thomas and I would wrestle and fight at home and our parents thought this would be the best to try wrestling. We started wrestling at the Johnston Wrestling Club. Do you have any family [Read More]

A Punch in the Gut

Your gut health is important for high performance this wrestling season.   I know it is not the most pleasant topic to talk about but your poop does matter.  As a health clinician, I find myself talking about the GI system a lot and that means talking about your excretions.   What color, consistency, constipation, or diarrhea?  [Read More]

Do Sports Actually Teach Character?

Head to any sports field this afternoon, and you will hear whistles blaring and coaches urging on their players to work harder and compete more. You will see exhausted athletes with their hands on their knees being implored to do one more set, or a coach shout “do it again” when a rep is not [Read More]

A Look Back at the Original Owners of The Predicament

GRUNDY CENTER – In the sport of wrestling you do not want to be on the wrong side of a predicament. A predicament was an old school way of describing a near pin without completing the task. For John Doak, of Grundy Center, getting on the right side led to a life time of thrills [Read More]

From the Publisher

From the Publisher The Predicament is celebrating 50 years of covering wrestling in Iowa with the start of the 2019-2020 season!  In this issue, the original start up guy and owner John Doak, of Grundy Center, shares his story with us, and The Predicament reporter Rod Payne (Cedar Falls), weaves an interesting story from the [Read More]

My Kid Got Cut

The Mom was fighting back tears as she shared the raw news that she had just received. “He’s a Senior. His whole life has been tied up with water polo for the last 6+ years. He spent all of his summers playing ODP (Olympic Development Program) and last year he was the MVP of the [Read More]

Six Core Exercises for Wrestlers

Wrestling can be a complicated sport. It takes hard work and practice to develop technique, perfect a new move, or improve weaknesses. It’s truly a sport where one needs to learn how to crawl before they walk. In the end, setting goals and developing the little things over time can result in big gains. To [Read More]